Update on ‘B’

We had a ‘what next’ meeting of the campaign group last night.  Dear oh dear.  B is clearly a very unhappy B.  And I think several people noticed as he insisted on taking me outside for ‘a chat’ – in full view of everyone.  This was not good.  I don’t want people to get the wrong idea.

Anyway I told him that even if he was unattached, single, divorced, whatever – there would be no chance of anything other than friendship.  He looked as if I’d shot him.  I’ve told him talking to me is not an option as it deviates him from focusing on his marriage.  I’ve told him he will see things differently one day.

At least the emails have stopped.  At last.  I felt as if I was being stalked by email last week!

I know I’ve done the right thing.  One day – for his sake – I hope he sees that too.

5 thoughts on “Update on ‘B’

  1. You have soooooo done the right thing …. how can he dare try and put you in this position …. very needy and he wants you to rescue him …. very male trait to ensure the next vehicle is secured before making the leap.

  2. I know! And famous last words – another email today!! But the pain is good because until the pain is great enough he wouldn’t have done anything about it.

    I Know!!!

    And for the record “very upsetting time” as suggested to me today is more than slightly off the mark!! I ran out of words to describe how much pain I was in!!!

  3. You have many great qualities, and up among the tops ones are TRUST and HONESTY. You can be trusted implicitly. Not only to do the right thing, but to keep confidences. You are a very honest person, even when to be so may hurt. (Luckily, you can dish up honesty with a good slug of diplomacy when needed!) These are courageous qualities, and they will lead you to the soulmate you are searching for.

    • thank you I do hope so!!

      It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I just wish I’d spotted the signs earlier and saved him some of this pain. But there again maybe the pain has actually caused him to do something about his situation. Pain can be good in the long run.

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