Giving back

One of my top values has turned out to be Giving.  This was not something I considered at the beginning of the Life Coaching!  In fact, to be honest has really only surfaced recently.

The campaign I became involved in recently really brought it to the fore.  One of the reasons I felt so passionately about saving our local airfield is that I learned to glide there when I was a teenager and I gained an immense amount from being there. Surrounded, by and  large, by well meaning and caring adults I learned a new skill and also how to take responsibility for me.  OK one particular adult didn’t treat me as I should have been and for that I have paid a fairly heavy price but I can’t tarnish my whole teenage experience by the actions of one ‘bad apple’.

Campaigning and saving the airfield so future teenagers can learn to glide has given me the chance to give something back.  This has been very important to me.

Now I find I’m also giving back in other areas.  I’ve recently encouraged someone to sort out his marriage by going to Relationship Coaching.  I find I want to encourage more people in trouble to seek help.  I know they have to find their own route.  To be ready to take the plunge to give themselves a better future than their current present.  I do know I’d be hopeless at the actual process of Life Coaching as I’m not patient enough but if I can be a facilitator by some means to helping people by directing them towards happier times then that would be a brilliant way to Give.

And giving makes me happy!!!

3 thoughts on “Giving back

  1. Good for you. Sometimes your impatience shows through in your blog, but so does your determination and general good nature. If I was in trouble and you wereon my side I would suddenly feel much more hopeful

    • Thank you! Yes I’m not the most patient person – though I do hope as a result of what I’ve been through I’d no longer be tempted to say “Just pull yourself together!!” – Seriously though – I don’t think I’d have ever said that!!!! It has been said to me over the last 2 years – not in so many words but the inference has been there!!!

      I think I’d have the determination to help but maybe I’d be too demanding.

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