The Pull of Passion

Is that what it was?

 In my search for answers – the Why’s and the How Could You’s – I’ve so desperately wanted an answer. An answer to the Krakatoa moment when Alex left.

Is it the selfish gene?  That feeling the world ‘owes’ us and so to take is the only answer.  Are men worse than women?  They can’t be because if women stuck to the moral high-ground then the men would find it harder to run.  With no-one to run to with the offer of all that sex and passion the incentive wouldn’t be so great!

Is the ‘pull’ of lust as great for  these “Other Women”,  who feel they have the ‘right’ to grab any man they fancy regardless of the damage they inflict.  Do they really justify their actions with the age old phrase of “I only want you to be happy”  which, in fact, means “I have a right to be happy too and by the way, the way I’ve decided to be happy is to screw your husband so bad luck you”.

Do they actually realise what it’s like to be treated with so little respect. Would they enjoy being on the receiving end of the destruction.  Of course not. They don’t think about that.

To smash a marriage is something which shouldn’t be taken lightly.  It is, so often, these days.  Are we becoming so selfish in our desires for instant gratification that actually our moral compass has swung out of line and we are losing our abilitiy to navigate and so reach our true destinations.  The destination that really does give us the high – that brilliant place we get to by effort, determination, compassion and giving.

5 thoughts on “The Pull of Passion

  1. …and many of those that believe in instant gratification tout the mantra’s of “follow your heart”, “live life to the fullest everyday”, “you’ve got to spread your wings and leave something behind to fly”.
    I know that in my case, X touts buddhism and one of my favourite authors, Thich Nhat Hanh as her inspirations. He says things like “The best way to take care of the future is to take care of the present moment.” For her that means gratification now. Passion now. Excitement now. She feels unfulfilled because she misinterprets this and bastardizes it (like many others who have brief exposure to it) to mean “it’s all about me!!”
    In truth it speaks to something else described by this question and answer.
    Q “what does a buddhist do before enlightenment”
    A “chops wood and carries water”
    Q “what does a buddhist do AFTER enlightenment”
    A “chops wood and carries water”

    This is marriage and commitment too. There is still work to do after the rings go on. There are responsibilities. When did we forget to “love the work” of all this and instead blame it for all of our “sacrifices”

    This is where that pull of passion comes in. It draws out and calls with whispers and shouts. “Live! Be Free! Excitement! Drama!”

    But in doing all of this….what do they leave behind?

    Talk to older people who have followed the pull of passion….and usually the regret (unless they are pathological narcissists) is that they did these things and hurt people. That they hurt their families and lost self respect. That they wish they had known.

    In the meantime though we are left to ponder the what if’s. the why’s and the wtf’s

    Peace to you.

  2. Just read the post you referred to. You are a female me from across the pond!!
    It is awful. As one of the comments said…they have time to process and so all of this and then hit us blindside. I think that is a fair assesment of this. I never understood the unwillingess to work through things though…and the lies that were told while biding their time. Yep….unfair.

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