Getting my Values in Order!

Some considerable time ago Stephen (Life Coach) asked me to write down my 50 top values.  Faced with this rather un-nerving prospect I ended up Googling for a list and copying and pasting it into a spreadsheet.

With time I’ve whittled the list down to 22 – all written out on individual plastic cards so I can sort them into various different orders.  At times it feels like some sort of secret card game where the winner gets them all in the right order all of the time and goes home with the gold star and – possibly – a self-righteous halo!

OK so  I  do have various orders for these cards.

I have my “Default” List  – which has 12 on it.

I have Lists for 3 versions of me (all of whom have a different name) – the Caring me, the Outrageous me, the Feminine me – all of which have some of the Default values plus some others. Goodness knows if this is right or not!  And, whilst we’re on the subject,  what is right when it’s at home.  I suppose if it feels right then it is right.  But if it’s right how come some of the Values I have on the lists of these 3 different versions of me aren’t on the Default List.

(Are you still with me – or have I lost 99% of my readership???!!!)

Don’t go yet!!

Then there’s a 4th version of me.  My real name. The one I use every day, all the time (except here) – and I haven ‘t got a list for her at all yet.  Unless that’s the Default List – but that doesn’t feel right.

Confused?  You should be!!!  I am – a bit!  (This sounds like some sort of ghastly soap where all the characters are lost!!).

And finally I have 4 Values which seem to matter but don’t have a home on any of the Lists above at all!

Doing well aren’t I!  This is what comes of having a Sunday with not much happening!  But there again I don’t feel I’ve wasted the past 2 + hours – it’s been interesting.

Because, finally,  I’ve even recognised that I do value Intimacy in the right context – but just now that is a Value that scares me rigid – but I wish it didn’t.

(Thank goodness I’ve been invited to a friend’s for dinner!)

5 thoughts on “Getting my Values in Order!

  1. I’m so confused. If anyone (LC or no) told me to write down FIFTY values I would give him a blank stare and ask, “Are you serious? I had no idea there were that many.” This is where personality differences come in, I think. I would feel so overwhelmed by all those cards and categories that I would go to bed and curl up in a fetal position. You, on the other hand, sound like you’re rather enjoying the process. Keep us posted. I’m very much interested in how this works out for you.

    • Don’t get me wrong that was my first reaction!!!

      But I’ve come through that bit and now it is quite fun!!
      And thank you for making me giggle!!!

      Bless you.


  2. Without clicking on the link I canot begin to tink of that many. After all there are only 10 comandments and 26 letters in the alphabet so good luck with that one. Now going to click on the link to see how wrong i was

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