I’m REALLY impressed

Said with bucket loads of sarcasm!

I’ve just got home to find yet another round of divorce papers. Why?  Because the wimp I am divorcing (not the man I married) couldn’t bring himself to admit he’d moved on 31 March and  has been living with his new partner since then so all the papers have had to be re-done AGAIN.  So another round of costs as everything is changed once more.  I’ve suggested to my solicitor that he picks up the extra costs given he’s the one causing them.

He hasn’t admitted  to any of this friends that he’s moved either.

It does rather explain his rather sheepish email in early April when he said ‘that for some reason or another he couldn’t log on to his email account’.  Doh!  I should have guessed!  He was moving!

I must say the OW is really bringing out the best in him!  He’s turned from being an honest, kind, loving human being to being someone who is avoiding telling the truth at all costs, lies, cheats and hides.  She really is doing him no end of good. She must be so pleased with herself. Wow I’m really impressed.

And VERY ANGRY this evening.

Rant over.

I just may take to the bottle this evening!

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