36 hours on……

And I’m still angry!!  So much for thinking I knew him.  I didn’t.   My fury seems to have resurfaced today.

I calmed down in Life Coaching yesterday after I’d raged around the room for a good 15 minutes!

I came home and joined yet another Internet Dating site – No 4!!  Maybe this one will be better.

And on the subject of Internet Dating sites: Why do most of the ‘possibles’ make me cringe and shudder with horror.  I’m hitting the delete button on some of them, with a ferocity  that must be noticed at the other end!!!  (It’s OK I know it isn’t – I’m a web site programmer – I know these things!!).  It just feels as though it should make them jump!

I’ve sat in my dining room having conversations with myself.  My new ‘best friend me’ is reminding me that I should treat this with humour and a sense of fun!  The ‘coach me’ is pointing out that staying at home and glaring at the walls is NOT going to get me my goal so just keep on looking at the possibles and deleting the ones I don’t like.  (Which, btw, seems to be all of them at the moment!!)

And maybe I’ve got all that the wrong way round and I should be having different conversations with myself.

And in case, dear reader, you think I now have totally lost the plot this is all about Pattern Interrupt (I think – unless I’ve not remembered correctly from yesterday’s ‘lesson’)!!!!

(Has vision of men in white coats….!!!!)  

(Has secondary thought – they might be quite fanciable!!)

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