The Values re-ordering continues

I’ve become fascinated and almost obsessed by this!

I have my green plastic Values cards laid out on the table.  I have the yellow ones on which I’ve written a version name of me on one side and the applicable values list on the other.

I now have 28 that really matter.  Which is 2 more than yesterday and probably more than the other day!

At this rate I’ll reach the 50 I was asked for originally!

I suddenly realised this evening – after talking myself out of yet another stupid sobbing session – that the one Value I was missing was the one that’s my Goal:


This one is clearly VITAL.

So is – wait for it Stephen(!)

Gratitude (or Thankfulness)

Which has finally taken on a calmer resonance – one that now means something to me.  Maybe I had to come through the horror first before I could admit to needing this value.  In the depths of the horror Gratitude took on a distorted meaning which I couldn’t handle and can now no longer explain.

So  – Currently – the Values which matter to me – for each of the versions of me –  are:

Default List:
Growth – Love – Courage – Communication – Intelligence – Trust – Respect – Strength – Security – Adventure – Significance – Making a difference

The Caring Me:
Love – Compassion – Forgiveness – Caring – Giving

The Fun  Me:
Outrageous – Spontaneity – Passion – Trust – Freedom  – Flexibility – Adventure – Giving

The Feminine Me:
Love – Freedom  – Trust – Femininity – Spontaneity – Significance – Safety – Security – Intimacy

The “Every Day”  Me:
The Default List + Happiness – Gratitude – Health – Fun – Pleasure

Now I need to be sure I have good Rules applied to each of them. For that I may need help.  I’ll see how I get on in the next 4 weeks.

2 thoughts on “The Values re-ordering continues

  1. I’m blown away by the depth of all this Caroline … how many of us ever bother to delve this deep … maybe your Stephen should be in schools with a leaver’s programme.

    I remember the first time I got married that the vicar had several ‘talks’ with us and none of it religious but all of it about being responsible adults and so on … not that it saved the marriage as we were just too young! When I got married the second time 12 years later, it was a case of ‘Sign on the dotted line’ … no discussion or questioning …. absolutely nada …. interesting direction most of the world is taking these days !!

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