The Real Promise

Just over a year ago when I started this blog I made a promise.  In that first real post on 6 April (click) I not only promised I would be 100% honest on here, I made a promise I would find a route through.

The point is I promised this to ME.  And having promised myself I knew I couldn’t break that promise. It was unbreakable.  I had to stick to it regardless of how I felt, or how tough things got,  because if I didn’t I would have failed myself.

There have been several occasions when the wish to give up has been so tempting.  But my promise to me kept me going.  That and the help I was getting.

Yesterday afternoon B rang me and said he would stick to his promise to me to work at his marriage.  I told him his promise to me wasn’t the point – he needed to promise himself.

That’s the Real Promise.  The one from which there is no escape. The one that is the hardest one to break, and the one which we all need to make when faced with tough times.  The one we have to make to be totally committed to change, to face problems, to commit – you name it, it has to be there.  Anything less doesn’t work.  If we don’t then it’s too easy to cop out and give up when it all seems to be getting a bit too much –  a bit difficult.  When we feel we’re not getting what we deserve.  Or when something else looks rather tempting.

Perhaps the marriage vows should be changed from:
“Do you promise to love her/him…..”  to
“Do you promise yourself you will love her/him…….”

So my “Aphorism for today” is:

Until you can promise yourself you will never truly succeed.

2 thoughts on “The Real Promise

  1. Good one. Funnily enough I was just lounging in bed eating toast and marmelade with my partner discussing values and something I said to her is, “If you try and do something for someone else, make an effort to make it as free of self interest as you can. Your reward will be slow in coming but worth the waite.” That is the quality of advice you gave to Mr B. Don’t look at the time BTW. We are being very lazy

  2. I am looking at the time now!! Wow! Brilliant. Actually I didn’t get up until 9.30 this morning – which is amazing!! (OK I was up at 6.00 – but I went back to bed!)

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