A spot of creativity and learning

I’m on a week’s holiday!!  Hoorah!

Of course the big problem with being on holiday is what to do with all that time. There’s only so much washing, ironing, cycling (not done yet!) and walking around the village,  I can do.  Then there’s blogging and sending unnecessary ‘winks’ to possible – though unlikely – internet matches – to fill in those odd moments of boredom! Deleting all the internet matches who make my skin crawl (most of them!!).   Glaring at the blog stats is also a popular sport!!  And one which I don’t seem to tire from!

So this week I took a positive step and I’m doing a Photoshop course every afternoon at a local Adult learning centre summer school.  I’m going with a friend which is great as we can help each other!  So by the end of the week we will, hopefully, be able to change our photos beyond all recognition from the originals thus earning adulation from our peers and covering up all those errors of composition, aperture, F-stop thingies, white balance and all other manner of photographic stuff which I only just understand and continually make mistakes using (or not!) !!  And I shall have yet another reason to keep me hooked in to the keyboard, mouse and screen!!

2 thoughts on “A spot of creativity and learning

  1. Well I need a lot more practice before I do. I’ve just been ‘playing’ after today’s lesson! And apart from being able to turn the tea in a mug from a clear tea colour to purple – I don’t seem to got much further!!!

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