What on earth is happening to England?

I’ve found the last 36 hours astonishing.  Having failed to watch any TV during the weekend and only glancing at yesterday’s newspaper I feel as if I’ve suddenly been dumped into a new parallel universe.

Suddenly swathes of the population seem to be determined to disrupt and destroy the fabric of the country.  What turns people from throwing out their values and turning to mindless violence and looting and  destruction?

I’m stunned.

4 thoughts on “What on earth is happening to England?

  1. Great minds think alike. I am writing about this now so you can see my response later when I publish it but I agree, it poses many questions about the condition of the society in which we live

  2. I’m just waiting for some idiot politician blaming the current government – which will be just political point scoring.

    Whether we like it or not this country and many others are suffering from borrowing too much in the past and if we have to tighten our belts then so be it. And, anyway, given the age of a large number of the perpetrators of this violence – they’re not exactly in the age range to notice.

    I’m trying not to rant!!!!!

  3. I am already ranting! This was nothing to do with the state of the country or disaffection , whatever that may actually mean. This was groups of opportunistic youths taking advantage of the fact that they could rampage, steal and cause mayhem and the police were unable to do anything to stop them.

    It’s time we took a tougher approach to policing in this country. Time we did what other countries do and respond with necessary force. Millions of pounds worth of damage, homes, businesses and livelihoods destroyed and platitudes from the Government. When people know they can be lawless without comeback they will be. The pathetic responses are not enough.

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