Oh dear! Poor ‘B’

Actually I may have headed this post Poor ‘B’ but I am rapidly losing patience!  This is now getting difficult!

Everything I say or do is now interpreted as a personal slate against him specifically designed by me to inflict maximum hurt on him:

He doesn’t like me talking to everyone about my Internet Dating ‘amusing moments’ because it hurts him; he doesn’t like me telling him he can’t come round here; he can’t believe I don’t have time to talk to him when I’m at work;  he was ‘hurt’ when I cut him short on the phone last night! And on it goes!!

I’m getting bombarded with wimpish whingeing emails!

Good grief I didn’t behave this badly when Alex left!!

I think the only solution is to ignore all emails (which is what I’ve decided to do).  And if he dares ring up I’m just going to have to be brutal.  Shame really as he was a good friend a few weeks ago.  But I won’t be told how to lead my life by someone who has no right to do so.

Why the hell can’t he concentrate on his marriage, get himself a job and get on with his life instead of trying to infiltrate mine!!

Ooh err!  I can get quite feisty when the need arises!!

Watch this space!!!

7 thoughts on “Oh dear! Poor ‘B’

  1. Maybe he’s not the boss of his own wife, so he thought he might try being the boss of you. Wrong move.
    He clearly has no right. If you ask me I would write him one long email telling him once and for all everything you just said here.
    No it’s not that you don’t have time for him, but you don’t want to get involved. You have your own problems and don’t need anyone else’s. You’re not a psychologist or a life coach but you can recommend one.

    I know you’ve told him before, but maybe seeing it in black and white might help.

    • One step ahead sadly. Already done that both verbally and in writing – and he is seeing said Life Coach!!!

      I appear to be ‘doomed’ for the time being!!!

      As you say totally wrong move trying to control me!!! NO WAY! Not after what I’ve been / am going through!

      Stupid, stupid man! He should see that. And I don’t need to be told “he’s there for me” Which is what he said the other day. He’s not as I don’t want him to be and I have others who are!

  2. Look, speaking as a bloke, he’s acting like a NUTTER. You are his friend but not his best friend. All your energy is being expended on being “a nice person” in the face of his whimpish assaults. It really is time to tell him to Bog off and get a life. He’s just going to keep pushing till you lose patience with him anyway. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr > irritating person. Not what you need. Now I’m going to sit down, watch TV and have a nice glass of Tranquilizers.

    • Thank you CD – I needed your wise words! and I’ve giggled. By the way – I am taking your lead. The TV is now on – please pass the tranquilisers this way would you!!!

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