How can I resist??

With introductory emails such as these:

“would like to meet in the stansted airport departure lounge or radisson hotel there”
Now that is an offer a girl like me really shouldn’t turn down.  I do feel a hotel room is a bit sudden but perhaps I’m just being old fashioned!   I sort of feel we should get to know each other first!!  But – there again he seems to want to keep his options open – hedging his bets with the departure lounge option – I’ve heard of beating a hasty retreat if things don’t look promising but to flee the country does seem a bit drastic! Don’t you agree?

Then there’s:

Jon, 26 –  hello – looking for my sugar mummy, anyone out there?
A bit young I think.  And I’m not good in sugar!

Gentleman seeks independent solvent lady partner
Get the feeling I’d be paying for my own dinner (never mind how many courses I went for – we mustn’t forget the Cheap Tart moment of my first date!) – so don’t think I’ll bother!

I love woman. 
Given the grammatically incorrect nature of this statement – I don’t think he’s for me – he’d hate it if I kept correcting his every utterance!  And anyway so what!  Nothing else came with the email!!

And not forgetting:

Guy, 41 – looking for anything.  Now slowing down after a riotous earlier life.
Good God – he’s only 41!!!  And he’s already looking for someone to care for him in his old age!

More will follow – I promise!!!

(Admin note – this was my 500th post – so bad luck anyone wanting to wade through my progress in its entirety!!)

9 thoughts on “How can I resist??

  1. You have me rolling in the aisles … I’m tempted to join up for the humour …. if I’m honest and say I’m happily married but just wondered what was out there I wonder what sort of replies I’d get …. I do know of a couple of brilliant outcomes from Internet Date sites though so please don’t stop Caroline … I’m enjoying it too much … giggle!!!!

  2. A riotous life!! RIOTOUS!!
    Sounds like a supporter of the football stadium, something near and dear to your heart. Damn Hooligans! Maybe a quickie in the airport lounge could turn him!. Good luck sweetie. AJ

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