4 pairs of socks

Sometimes I wonder what I do with my brain.  Mostly it sticks with me but there are times when I seem to leave a portion of it behind.

I set out on my courageous journey this morning – OK slightly later than I intended but 7.45 isn’t too bad for a weekend.  I felt pleased I’d managed to tap out a few words for the blog before I left.

“Tom Tom Turnaround” (TTT) – my Sat Nav –  seemed to have very strong views on my intended outing as he sulked.  He refused to turn on.  Wouldn’t even glare or  utter his irritating “You’ve reached your destination” when I clearly haven’t.  Not even his  “Turn Around when possible” – which is his more usual utterance!  No, dead as the proverbial Dodo.  I checked I’d plugged him in and the little red light glowed so why was he in such a bad mood?  I know I was pushing myself into a possible Abyss as Alex and I used to go to the Bird Watching Fair nearly every year – we even went and camped there for a weekend once – so I was testing the happiness boundaries a bit.  But dammit I’m not going to be imprisoned by my past.  I went last year – which was very tough.  I was firmly determined to go again this – with or without TTT’s assistance.

After a few miles I stopped and peered at him again and realised there was no green light on his little dashboard – bu**er completely broken then.  I drove on.   Finally I stopped and inspected the wiring.

It would help Caroline if you plugged  the wire into the device AND the car charger rather than the phone charger into the car charger point and the Sat Nav wire into the Sat Nav!.  Once rectified TTT brightened up and offered his assistance on getting me to my intended destination!!  See what I mean about my brain!!

The British Bird Watching Fair is an interesting experience.  It’s the only event I know where there appears to be an unwritten dress code.  Vast swathes of visitors appear to feel it necessary to dress in full camouflage kit!!  Either that or in nerd bird green!!  For that reason I wore a purple T shirt and jeans!  I may love bird watching but I am not a nerd!

For reasons I also find strangely enchanting these camouflaged visitors also feel it’s incumbent on them to turn up carrying their entire collection of birding kit and paraphernalia.  Tripods and scopes strapped to their backs, Binos and cameras – with impossibly long, virile-looking lenses –  swinging from their necks!  Thus encumbered they spend their day staggering from marquee to marquee looking at yet more kit.  It’s a sort of hidden “I can carry more kit than you and Mine’s bigger than yours”  competition!  Having thoroughly exhausted themselves – and now weighed down with even more stuff –  a multitude of garish carrier bags containing brochures which they’ll never read; for kit they will never buy; and holidays to places they’ll never go to – they stagger back to their cars and return home shattered by the whole experience and having seen no actual birds at all or used any of the kit they insisted on trudging round with!

I travel light!  I didn’t collect brochures (well only one or two!).  However I did buy 4 pairs of socks!

240 miles there and back is rather a long way to go for 4 pairs of socks (I’ve spared you a picture of those!)!!  The memories I triggered were impossibly happy and difficult to deal with.  They brought back all those feelings I give myself when I remember the past – those feelings Stephen talks about so eloquently.  But I did it.  I went.  I went because I had to, because I needed to and also because I wanted to.  And this time I didn’t cry all the way home!!  But TTT argued!!

Postscript:  Socks photo added at Katie’s request!!

10 thoughts on “4 pairs of socks

  1. Hmmmmm, debatable. Perhaps not quite worth all that fuel, but I’m sure you visited more than one stall, and gave us a good blog post about it, so all in all, a worthwhile trip. 😛

  2. Sooo. You really didn’t go bird watching but merely collected items … to go bird watching..Hmmm. Please tell me made at least one stop on the way home to look at some birds… I mean 240 miles is a bloody lot of miles to go for socks! Was the guy selling the socks.. good looking? AJ

  3. Actually I’ve just remembered I did look at some rather indistinguishable ducks swimming on the lake, through a pair of Leica Binos at the Leica stand. The trouble is on most of the stands for scopes, binos, cameras etc there is always a queue to use the kit and everyone else looks so ‘professional’ and ‘adept’ and ‘expert’ and I sort of retreat to the safety of the holiday brochure stands and the ‘sock shop’!!! And anyway I don’t have the £1000’s needed to buy all those expensive things!

    • £1000 to look at ducks?? Thank goodness I do’t have that hobby!!

      I do, however, have one equally as crazy. I am now ‘mother’ to a hen and 4 chicks. I have absolutely no idea how that happened as I don’t particularly like hens (though these ones are quite cute). I am loosing the plot…..

      I wonder if there are ‘hen watching’ socks??

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