Some days a blog post ‘runs’!

This is the thing I love about blogging.  I write for myself and myself alone.  From the heart!  From a moment of amusement! Whatever! And – as I promised myself when I started this –  with 100% raw honesty!

I find it fascinating the responses I get.  I’ll post something on one day and the post will be taken on board and get a few responses and then on another, something I might say as a passing, almost fleeting, thought will spark an interest in one reader and then another and a mini discussion / debate kicks off.  Which is great.  I look on these days as bonuses as the feedback is stupendous, fascinating to read, and so useful.

So it has been with yesterday’s post “Why isn’t today Wednesday” – where a discussion on the meaning of Love is now running.  It would be great if it continues today as the more views the better – in my opinion.  So important for all of us going through the re-evaluation of our lives, making sense of our feelings and emotions and finding our route to wherever we are wishing to go.

I am going out for the day to the Bird Watching Fair at Rutland Water – a long drive (but I’m good at those!) as I want to treat myself to a wander round all the stands – and I can escape being a ‘sitting duck’ for “B” should he suddenly decide I’m an ‘easy target’!! (Note – the bird reference!!)

I’ll update you, my valued reader, later!

3 thoughts on “Some days a blog post ‘runs’!

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