The joys of my job!

My main responsibility where I work is to look after the entire site, its buildings, maintenance etc.  This can be somewhat uninspiring after a while!  The tedium is broken when one of the Directors decides on a move round. The dreaded Office Move!

In preparation for this ‘exciting’ event the next most popular activity is the Office Clear Out. This requires all staff to rid themselves of the accumulated rubbish of several years. On the ‘happiness’ scale this probably scores at least 10 less than the actual move itself.  Everybody ‘digs in’!  They refuse to throw away anything.  They look lovingly at that Post It note someone wrote them 15 years ago and they can’t bear to part with it!

But cunning me has a motivator up my sleeve.  However this does require a huge amount of physical activity on my part!  We start with a large skip into which all paper is destined.  (Always good to get one with a lid or I expend even more energy chasing stuff round the car park  – which maybe a laugh for the staff but not for me!).  Next we get a builder’s chute and attach it to the fire escape thus allowing staff to throw their rubbish from the 1st floor straight into the skip.  This brings out the child in all of them!!  Suddenly they can play (it’s amazing how easily they’re pleased).  And they do!  They love it.  Now that bundle of accumulated paper they’ve not looked at in years is not needed and whoosh down the chute it goes!  Everybody is now having FUN!

However – problems arise.  The skip fills up at one end and not the other.  The bit under the lid is devoid of anything much.  So – and this is the really good bit – I climb in!!  And that, dear reader, is where I spent most of my day.  Sitting in a very dirty skip moving stuff around and being bombarded with paper from above!!  Add to that the fact that it rained and I have to say my happiness index hit such a high it’s unprintable!!

(I’ve just got home, had a bath, washed my hair, run the washing machine)  And I am now about to pour myself a stiff drink.

And I’ve got 4 more weeks of this before we actually play the Moving Game!!

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