What you fear is what you get!

Stephen’s words echo in my brain!

There have been two rather surprising outcomes from the Life Coaching I’ve had.  Two things I’ve never been able to do and now find I can!!

Little intrigue here – eh!!

My older brother who – for reasons which completely escape me – seems to have had an unnecessary influence over my life (!!) –  once told me when I was probably in my early teens that I couldn’t sing a note!  That I sang dreadfully flat and that the one thing I should never do is sing in public.

I’m sure he has forgotten he ever said it. The point is I didn’t!   I was very upset and from then on hardly dared sing at all. And when I did – scared that I was singing out of tune, I promptly did  –  I could hear how off key I sounded.   In fact  I’ve succeeded in singing flat ever since!!

Two weeks ago I went along for auditions for a part in our local Am. Drams production of Oh What a Lovely War.  As there is a great deal of singing in it I felt pretty confident I wouldn’t be given a singing role!  Wrong – I’m one of the 5 main female singers.  When I queried this and pointed out my total inability to sing in tune I was told very smartly that that was a load of rubbish and I can sing perfectly well and actually was one of the stronger singers of the group!!

The other thing I’ve never been able to do is stand up and speak in Public.  Far too petrified. I was  VERY shy as a child and VERY self-conscious in group situations.  Early on at a new school I was hauled out of normal classes and added to a special “Reading Aloud”  class.  ( I was 10 at the time) .  Being made an example of did nothing for my self-confidence at all.  Their ‘improvement’ technique was to be made to read in front of the headmistress – even more daunting!  Result:   I got even worse! I felt even more of a  failure than I had at the start!  And  I’ve been hopeless at reading aloud or standing up and speaking in public ever since.

But things have changed.  Totally.  In the past 10 months I’ve stood up and given a speech in front of 30 close friends about my 6′ and 30″ moment (see Eureka moments page), I’ve volunteered at work at least 3 times to give talks to the entire Company.  I can’t stop myself these days!!  And I enjoy it!

Bizarre!!  But thank you Stephen!!  It’s been great to find I can do these things and do them without fear!

8 thoughts on “What you fear is what you get!

  1. Add tap dancing and it will be a hat trick!! 😉
    I still can’t sing, but I love public speaking and the bigger the audience the better. Hated it when I was a kid though… very shy!!
    Broke through it by forcing myself to do stand up comedy and take ballet all in the same year when I was 19!!
    Now if only I could have incorporated those two, I’d be famous. The Buddha, doing a tour je te, while telling bawdy jokes. ….on 2nd thought, nahhhh.

    • oooops….hit the post button too soon. So the rest of it is that although I am making light of it, public speaking is a BIG FEAR for people. By breaking through AND singing in a play, you are once again showing the leaps and bounds you take to your own renaissance!! Congratulations!!

  2. Those are two great achievments. discovering what you can do like this must be so exiting. I am really pleased for you. who knows what other new achievements are just around the next corner for you

  3. Wow! You’re a great example of things not to say to a child. Congratulations for overcoming and becoming who you’re meant to be. Bet you never would have done either if you’d stayed with Alex. 🙂 What a great gift D and Alex gave us, didn’t they? Little did they know.

    • Yes they did! without realising it!! And for me it all happened without me making a conscious effort to change those things!! I just suddenly found I could – which is really strange. After all I never went to life coaching with those as goals!! And thanks for the lovely touch of “if you’d stayed with Alex” – just love the twist and that way of looking at it!!!!

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