This week’s Internet Dating gems!

The “cream of the crop” from some of this week’s contacts:

A, 47 – To be honest with you, I find your profile attractive.. send me your email let communicate privately,and set up a wonderful conversation.
After what I’ve just been through  – No way!!  I’m not THAT stupid!

hello lovely one – hope you like my profile and willing to locate something great here so why don’t you drop me a line.  I put much stock in instant love/lust/caring smile

No beating about the bush there then.  A sort of just let’s get on with it approach.  I’m slightly bothered about the ‘something’ I’m supposed to ‘locate’ and how fast! (and given he’s on an internet dating site – would I find it!!)

C, 37:  Premium beef on offer! Wanted: A caring owner. Must be funny, smart and chilled.
If you fit the bill and can add more to the plate, serve yourself up and send me a message!

Now this one really caught my interest!  Do I respond with “I like my beef rare and preferably from an animal!”  – which he might just mis-interpret as a come on?  Or shall I just ignore him!!  I think – on reflection – ignore!

Something I wish people noticed about me:  That I am actually Richard Gere in another body.
Having looked at your photo and read your profile  all I can say is “In your dreams sunshine!”

T, 51 i wont wink at you as im aware lotsa u gals dont like winkers………. im a normal bloke looking for a female friend im atouch extreme but told a bit of a character,have a butchers and get back if you fancy a laff…or a chat
Oh dear!!  Perhaps I should introduce him to the ‘rare beef’ above!!  They could then  ‘butcher’ each other!

D. 51: I’m an attractive and fairly fit 50 something. I’m laid back, tactile, intelligent. I am also married though not entirely happily.
I’m looking for a similar lady, in similar circumstances who would like to meet regularly for discreet ‘diversions’. Are you out there?
This one ‘sent me into a total rage!” – so much so I reported him!!  I think we all know why!

8 thoughts on “This week’s Internet Dating gems!

  1. I agree and I shall!!! Still it has its amusing side. I’ve now discovered that one of the sites (UK Dating) allows you to blanket contact their entire database – hence all these rubbish messages I keep getting on my list!
    I am cancelling my membership when it comes up for renewal on that one – it’s a total waste of time!!

  2. maybe you should ask your readers to suggest replied for you….and you get to pick the best one to send back!! These are hilarious and sad. I guess it is all about the numbers. it’s like mass marketing….somebody will eventually bite.

  3. Hi Caroline,
    I have heard many people have success on dating sites. Don’t give up, there is someone that will treat you the way you want to be treated… Like a goddess!!
    I’m rooting for you!!
    xoxoxo – S.

  4. I sort of like the first one. Am I missing something? He just told you he likes your profile and would like to chat. I’d give him a chance. If you dont want to give him your e-mail then find another way to communicate. Or maybe open up yet another e-mail just for that.

    • the trouble is he’s 13 yrs my junior!! and I think that’s stretching things a little!!

      And It was a global message to the entire database of people on the site!!
      But you’re quite right I must give more of them a chance and not be so swift with the delete button!!

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