Me and my sat.nav.

I have an on/off, love/hate relationship with my Sat. Nav.  (GPS)!   On the whole we get on fine. He’s happiest when fixed to the windscreen of my car so I can see his proposed route and he can look out too!!   I follow his instructions and by and large he leads me to where I want to go.  Occasionally, for reasons which escape me, he decides to take me home rather than to the place I want to go and once he suddenly announced in the middle of nowhere, when I was thoroughly lost, that I’d “Reached my Destination”.  I’ve learnt he doesn’t like being called upon to help in the middle of a journey!  He likes to be asked at the beginning, we discuss the route and by and large I accept his suggestions.  Mainly because I’m too scared of upsetting him by disagreeing!  If I fail to ‘turn him on’ (and I mean this in the purest sense of the phrase! 🙂  ) at the start of a journey and only call for his help when I’m lost then he does sulk.  That’s when he can decide not to ‘play’.  He’ll take me off down all the backroads,  introduce the odd dead-end, tell me to turn around and generally argue and  irritate.

He can also do this if I decide to take a different route to the one he’s chosen.  Unless he spots the logic of it early on then he gets quite chirpy and we are again in harmony.

So it feels with what I’m being guided through at the moment.  On Wednesday Stephen introduced a new improved destination.  One which he suggested would get me to where I want to be within myself.  The one where I’ll be free to live the life I want rather than just cope.

My internal sat. nav. (the built-in one in my mind) and I have had a few discussions about this new destination!   The destination feels slightly scary as the route might be over some rough terrain.  Though there again the route might be scenic and smooth.  The co-ordinates are new and the route has never been driven before so there is a feeling of being led into the unknown.  A lovely sounding unknown. A new  and better way of me  being me. But nevertheless unknown.    The sat. nav. in my mind is questioning the destination, throwing in the odd suggestion to return ‘home’ as it’s safer and what I’m used to, and at moments telling me to “Turn Around”.  But then just as we’ve agreed to return home up pops the suggestion that if I don’t carry on – even though it feels rather risky  and scary – I won’t find out what’s round the corner and  what’s round the corner has a high percentage chance of being what I am looking for and what I need!   A new place on the map of my life!

Sat. Navs can’t take you to somewhere they’ve never heard of before and haven’t got the co-ordinates for.  Only you can do that!  So – feeling a bit like a pioneer – I’m about to introduce my internal sat. nav. to a new interesting location!!

I’ll let you know how I get on!


3 thoughts on “Me and my sat.nav.

  1. I don’t drive, but I know the delights of controlling sat-navs. We have a huge problem in the village with sat-navs directing huge trucks down a tiny one car width road which has a sharp bend at the bottom. Once they hit that they are forever doomed as is the house on that corner.

    I was once asked (when I was the councillor for the area) ‘what are you going to do about this’?

    I had signs made saying ‘narrow track, do not follow sat-nav’. It didn’t work. 🙂

    I love to explore the new and exciting, which is probably one reason why I left the UK and went to live in another country for a few months, either that or I had completely lost my marbles. Follow your internal sat-nav and see where it leads you, but just beware of the sharp bends!

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