Mental Gymnastics

I think Stephen once said to me that’s what Life Coaching is all about and it does feel like it some of the time.  A sort of mental get fit and keep fit regime which requires me to do a whole lot of stuff that I’ve never done before in order to end up with an outlook and belief in myself and the life I want which is fitter for purpose than the one I have at the moment!

So a bit like going out to cycle every day to get myself physically fitter I also seem to have opted for a similar regime for my mind.

And just as sitting and admiring my bicycle and how splendid it is with all its numerous gears and slim wheels doesn’t actually get me any fitter than I was yesterday –  until that is,  I get on the thing and peddle up the hills, so it is with the tasks Stephen sets me.  I can sit and admire all the things I write down and feel very impressed with the concepts – but actually peddling is what’s got me to where I am now and maybe now I just happen to have got to a state of fitness where some steeper hills have been introduced  to get me into peak fitness.

I don’t like steep hills!!  I get off and walk when I’m out on my bike and find I’ve run out of all the gears the bike has to offer and I haven’t the strength to climb the hill by peddling.  I can fall off – and have in the past – as I wobble to a halt.

So all I can say is “If I’m in for some more mental gymnastics this week please can I have a change of apparatus!  The balance beam is probably not a good idea – brilliant for my ‘work’ self but not yet for my ’emotional’ one!!

So how about the uneven bars! A bit of swinging round and round sounds quite appealing!”

And anyway if this is what I need to do to get fit then I might as well get my mind in gear and  “Enjoy the Journey” as I do when I go cycling!

(and you’ll be amazed how many more analogies I can come up with – I ain’t done yet!!)

4 thoughts on “Mental Gymnastics

  1. I enjoyed the change of analogy. Made me smile. You are much higher up the mountain than you were, so whatever the mode of transport, something is working right for you, and I am very pleased to cheer you on

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