People watching!

Or should I say How people react when a Celebrity is amongst them!!

I am on a weekend away!  Those in the UK will understand when I say this is the annual TOGs Convention!

TOG stands for Terry’s Old Geezers/Gals.  Terry is Sir Terry Wogan who used to present the breakfast show on Radio 2.  The wit and humour of the show relied on emails being sent in by his listeners which he would then read out (usually adding his own twist).  The listeners NEVER used their own names!!  The names usually had double-meanings or a cheerful twist:

eg:  Seymour Tottie, Melenie Frontage……….  I’m sure you get the idea!

So when on a TOGs Convention you spend the entire weekend being called by your ‘TOG’ name!

Anyway the annual Convention is usually graced by members of the old team from the BBC who turn up throughout the weekend – to be amongst us!!

This is the first one I’ve been on and I’ve found it fascinating to watch the reactions of some of the Conventioners once these ‘Celebs’  are in our midst.

Their voices get louder.  The men strut, talk loudly and stand taller, the women go girlie, talk louder,  flirt and giggle – loudly. Did I do this – I don’t think so – I was too interested in watching what was going on!

I’m not saying everyone behaved this way.  In fact  by and large the group fell into two camps. The ones who ignored the Celebs as much as possible and those who did the opposite. But actually just about everyone did change their behaviour – and I suppose that is inevitable.

Given the age range of this gathering – 45+ though I’ve been rather surprised by the blatant behaviour of the latter group!  No wonder the organisers had a team of trusted helpers to keep everyone in control when the great man himself graced us for lunch today!!

So I wonder – do we all send out signals all the time in our quest to be noticed and appreciated?  Is it inbuilt in all of us?  This wish to ‘show off’ either by getting louder or by going quiet.   Some sort of uncontrollable instinct which makes us behave differently when someone ‘special’ – in this case 3 ‘Celebs’  – is in our orbit .  If so I must have been doing it too without realising  – even if I put myself in the quiet group!

And that’s rather un-nerving!!  But very interesting!

3 thoughts on “People watching!

  1. What fun! I think I would have been in the quiet group, too. Probably too quiet. I don’t know why we do that but I think it’s very common. I think it’s preferable to the other end of the spectrum though. I saw lots of celebrities when I worked at the CLT airport. I was usually tongue-tied. But professional, which was required of me. And they’re just people for Pete’s sake!

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  3. It really is odd how people react. In my former years as a politician we had a visit from the (then) Prime Minister, Tony Blair. (He was still in the good books at that time.)

    There were a huge number of people waiting outside for him to arrive when, over the hill, came his entourage of special service guys. (You can tell who they are, they all have curly wires hanging from their ears and talk into their jacket lapels). The crowd quietened a little.

    Then came the great man’s wife closely followed by our revered PM. The entire street went silent, to the extent that Cherie Blair said very loudly ” Don’t worry, it’s only my husband.” That broke the ice and the chatter resumed, with much preening and primping, pushing and shoving. Formerly quiet and refined people turned into loud, obnoxious know it alls! Really strange.

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