Sticking Plasters!

I’ve never been brilliant on my feet!  Forever falling down or tripping over!  Photos of me as a child invariably show at least one of my knees liberally pasted with strips of sticking plaster!

As an adult I have successfully continued the damage – resulting in rather too many knee operations – the last of which (just over a year ago) I’m still recovering from!!

What I find interesting has been my determination  to pursue sports involving being on my feet  – I was going to say upright! (but that sounded a bit risque – and could give you the wrong idea about me!) – and the resultant damage!

Skating ( two ops), Skiing (one op), squash (one op) – being chased by an elephant – OK no op – and hardly a sport –  but who else would manage to get elephant dung lodged in the wound in her knee when she fell over as she ran – come to that who else would have fallen over!  And of course finally falling down my outside staircase – again not a sport! –  in the snow (big ouch  – op last year!).   I gave up skiing, skating and squash some years ago to save myself from  becoming immobile!  I’ve now moved so the stairs are safely out of reach and being chased by an elephant doesn’t look likely at the moment – at least not round here!

But plasters are not what they used to be.  When I was a child I hated that moment when my father would announce the plaster ‘had to come off’.  They used to really stick in those days which meant the wound was able to heal without the plaster having to be continually re-applied.  He had some special removal liquid call Zoff, if I remember rightly, and the plaster would be stripped from my skin at speed – apparently this caused less pain!

Nowadays plasters fall off as soon as they’re attached!  They lack ‘ the sticky stuff’!

And wouldn’t it be great if there was a plaster to apply over the wounds that have been done to our minds, our feelings and our hearts – so we couldn’t feel the pain so acutely and could heal without the fragile scars being knocked when we are careless and find ourselves looking back or having those moments of doubt!  But the plaster would need to hold fast rather than keep falling off!

I know my wounds are healing.  I’ve come a long way since last year!  And as a result of all the Life and Relationship Coaching I think I’ve now learnt so much about me that, with luck,  I won’t fall over and hurt myself next time!!  I hope so.

So maybe that’s what Life Coaching is – my plaster – in which case I still need to learn how to make it stick better!!

6 thoughts on “Sticking Plasters!

  1. Hey Caroline,

    I too need some emotional plaster, but right now I would settle for plaster for my back!! Do you think the old stickiness of plaster could be stronger than the titanium already there? Haha, wouldn’t it be great if we could apply a bandaid to emotional boo boos and have them be forgotten about like most kids do their scrapes as soon as they’re covered??
    You reminded me of some cute commercials that were aired years ago: Even with this advertising campaign, they still don’t stick! 😛
    I hope this note finds you well and happy and that you enjoyed my little 30 sec commercial!
    xoxoxo – S.

  2. Hi Caroline. When I read your title I thought you were having problems with your plastered walls. I so enjoy the language differences between your English and mine. We call them bandages or more commonly Band Aids, using the brand name of said bandages even when they’re another brand.

    The thing that kept going through my head was that “you can’t fix a gaping wound with a Band Aid.” I don’t know who is credited with saying that other my daughter, but it’s so true. Sometimes we need a surgeon in the form of a counselor or LC. It helped me immensely and it obviously has helped you, too. I agree with Ducks that you’re rapidly getting out of the plaster stage. Now just an occasional band aid for the hiccups (or blips) that come along from time to time.

    BTW, you and I could write Divorce Dictionary to define all these terms we’ve adopted as we’ve progressed: blip, band aid, blips, etc. Might be a big seller as so many find themselves divorced these days. LOL. May as well dream big.

    Take care. Hugs. Have a good week.

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