My vision of my future

OK so I’ve just been re-reading Stephen  (Life Coach)’s comments on my Limbo Land post and his suggestion that I share with you all my vision of my future and what that will be like.

So here goes:

My future will be filled with love and passion with someone who will truly love me and stand beside me, care for me and be there for me.  Protect me in a manly way.  Love me for who I am.  Not demean me or want to turn me into someone I’m not.  Will encourage me to be bold and feminine,  and will understand my need for Love, Growth, Security and Significance!

My future will be fun with lots of laughter where I can be outrageous when I want to be!

My future will involve lots of travel to out-of-the-way places where I can stand with ‘my man’ beside me and watch the sun come up over the horizon.

My future will be caring and giving.  In my future I will listen and be listened to.  I will be wise.  I will be girlie and feminine. I will be vulnerable but I will protect.  I will have the wisdom to say what I think without alienating the listener.

I will be fit and healthy.  I will not return to being afraid.  I won’t change me into what I think others want me to be (something I’ve been brilliant at before).

I will be a better photographer than I am now.  I will be better at playing the piano and speaking french!

These are the things I truly want.

But I imagine that’s what most people want (leaving out the photography, piano and french)!  So what makes me unique. What makes my vision different from everyone else’s.  Perhaps that’s the point.  Mine isn’t any different from all the rest.

So what are my goals?

Well my GOAL has always been to be happy.  And wow would I be if I got the future I want and desire!

So clearly I now need to set myself goals to achieve my GOAL.

Well short of standing in the middle of my local town with a “Free Hugs” sign above my head (which by the way I think is a brilliant exercise  – and one I’d be happy to participate in with others!) I feel at a bit of a loss on what my goals should be!

After all I’m studying French, I’m playing the piano, going to photography group, I’m on 3 internet dating sites……….

So clearly I need help in setting more goals, or different goals.

I want to grab my future!  I want to grab it now!  And I know I’ll get it (in the purest sense of the word!).  But I still feel I’m missing a trick somewhere.

5 thoughts on “My vision of my future

  1. I think you need to take a French holiday and immerse yourself in everything France. I think it would be the perfect start to reaching your future goals and taking beautiful pictures! The men will follow they always do 😉

  2. I think you could well be right – or I could head for an exotic french speaking island and soak up some sun.

    Sadly at the moment holidays are on hold until the house is sold and I have the cash to go. But yes a very good goal to aim for. Thank you

    • Merci beaucoup! My french teacher despairs I think. She said my accent is good it’s just my grammar and vocab………. Well one out of 3 is a start!

      I may well take you up on the conversation!

      Hope your day is improving

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