There are moments….

There are moments when I could just scream at the world and say “Why?”

I got within 4 miles of home this evening and my car dashboard lit up like a Christmas Tree with dire warnings of “Engine Malfunction”.  Warning alarms sounded.  A nasty looking yellow light came on too!

The car started to lose power.  It was raining……

I kept going – as the car hadn’t stopped – I limped home.

On reaching home –  inspection of the manual revealed I should have probably stopped immediately. Well I didn’t!

Now this week is mega busy as I am supposed to be throwing myself – ‘hook-line-and-sinker’ into the great office move-round. 12 days work without a break!  Well I’m not going anywhere tomorrow!  So my 70 mile commute isn’t happening tomorrow.

I’ve already phoned everyone and told them not to expect me and now I’ll have to chat up the garage and get them to look at it as a matter of urgency!  They’re not good at urgent.

So I’ll no doubt have to hire a car to get me to and fro from work.  And the really irritating thing is – it was booked in for a service on Thursday!


I suppose I should be thankful it happened 4 miles from home – it could have been a great deal worse. And I am thankful!

But sometimes it would be nice to have a man around to look after me and help!  I’ve come over all weepy and pathetic!!

11 thoughts on “There are moments….

    • !! Yes at least it cleared my writer’s block! And I know in the great scheme of things this probably isn’t major. (I just pray I didn’t do it more damage by driving home. It’ll be more expense which is a pain – again hopefully not too much. )

      But sometimes I just feel a bit if the world is out to get me!!! I just want to be girlie and feminine and vulnerable and not have to cope.

      But sitting here being all weepy isn’t going to get me anywhere – I do know that. I could just do with a good hug and some TLC!

  1. Well, I don’t think you’re missing out on a man here. I am the one who has to sort out the mending of cars for our household, including daughter 70 miles away and sometimes the boyfriend (hers, not mine)! Mind you, I still think ‘bu**er’ and swear a lot when they go wrong, but I just get angry. You can imagine the reception I would get if I sat around weepy and helpless – Himself would probably join me! All I’ve got to worry about (which you may think ‘lucky you’) is trying to remember a PIN number! Hope all resolves soon.

  2. Aaaw, blast, stupid mechanical things letting us down ! I hope the garage can fix your car quickly, and I hope one of the mechanics is a handsome man who falls under your charm. Ha, wouldn’t that be cool, no more car issues! Thinking about you x

  3. I’m not sure having a man around will improve anything, the only advantage we have is we can scratch our bits, when in doubt. Hoping that it will release the answer. So far it’s never worked for me, but it feels pretty good.

    Smile kiddo, somebody out there loves ya. AJ

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