There are moments – Update!

Right now I want to shout to the ‘heavens’ and say “OK  so what did I do?”!!

The garage has just rung – and a very chirpy chappy told me that my car repair is going to cost £1330 (just over USD 2000).!

“@!IT”  and a few other expletives!!

This has made me feel all is right with the world I inhabit!!  I am – not to put too fine a point on it – ecstatic!!!!

As the saying goes “It’s life Jim  – but not as we know it!!”

Enjoy your day everyone!

7 thoughts on “There are moments – Update!

    • Ooh for your sake I do hope not. Mine was the Diesel Particulate Filter (!!!!) Which costs a mere £1000! I think fitting is swift but the car also needs servicing which they are giving me a discount on!!!

      I just hope I can get away with not having new tyres for a few more weeks!!!

    • I share your thoughts. My problem is I need a solid and trustworthy car to get me to and from work – I do 2500 miles a month – which is no doubt part of the problem!!

  1. Oops, cars are just annoying like that…Random thought though: 2500 m a months?!! Would it be worth moving closer to work, or finding work closer to home?
    Sorry, I’m just being nosey here 🙂 x

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