You can only please…..

“You can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time!”

So it was this morning when the staff poured in and viewed the re-vamped office space! 

Talk about resorting to childhood behaviours!  It’s been fascinating to watch. Informed by our Managing Director he did not want to see any “In-tray Towers”  a few members of staff built towers to defy anything seen before! 

Informed that coat stands had all been placed in special areas – they shifted them next to their desks!

None of these members of staff looked at the ‘bigger picture’ or the aim to give them a lovely open environment which is quieter and lighter to work in – they just threw their collective toys out of their collective prams and then jumped up and down on them!

Still by lunchtime they’d got their temper tantrums over and done with, they stopped behaving liked 10yr olds and settled down to working!!  And actually are now beginning to see how lovely it is and like it!!

Shame our Ex’s couldn’t get their temper tantrums out of their systems, and then got down to making things work and find – by looking at the bigger picture – that actually life is rosier than it might have initially appeared when they threw their toys out of their prams and decided to resort to childhood behaviours!

7 thoughts on “You can only please…..

  1. I think it’s human nature to behave that way at first. Whenever I rearranged the desks in my classroom my teenagers would walk through the door, stop, look at me and say, “Ms. S, where’s my desk. Where do you want me to sit. i don’t like this.” They always adjusted once they realized I didn’t mean it as a personal affront.

    The exes? A different story altogether.

  2. Some people need to create chaos before adjusting to change I guess. I for one like clean open spaces … I can’t say the same for my exes, which is why they’re in their own “space” now.

  3. I haven’t seen my Ex since February. Given his wish for us to ‘stay friends’ I wonder how he intends this to happen! I did tell him I never wanted to see him again because I found it too painful. At the moment he seems to sticking to my request!

  4. Resistance to change tends to preceed any calm evaluation of whether it improves anything or not so the “hat stand” saga is not too surprising. In the long run they will be pleased I am sure, if they are nt already. As to “Exes”, we all have our way of dealingwith this I suppose, but whatever works for you. What I really care about is that, generally, you are in a much happier place, and thats the change I take most pleasure in

  5. jeez….i can only imagine how others look at my temper tantrums…can you imagine them? A man who always gets his way but not getting it? I know…and yes they are legendary… then again, so is the love I offer a woman… trade-offs….


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