A ‘bright’ idea!

I have to admit dear reader, that I didn’t actually work very hard today.  Trying to get my mind round creating a new system on our Company Intranet that I don’t actually believe is required has resulted in me wandering around my little house hunting for other distractions.

It was in this mood of work avoidance that I decided it would be a brilliant idea to print out all the posts from this blog.  The little brain cells failed to grasp the enormity of this task!  So during ‘lunch’ I set about this activity with enthusiasm.  When I’d printed from the start up to the end Dec 2010 I realised I was going to need reams of paper and several ink cartridges if I was going to reach the end.  Never mind several folders to put it in!

But actually I think it could be a good idea.  I’ve always preferred to read long articles / books in paper format rather than on a screen. So this way I will have a paper copy of all my ramblings, meanderings, endless repetitive mutterings and all your wonderful comments.

And on the subject of repetition – I seem have a doctorate in it!!  I’m surprised so many of you have stuck with me!!  Talk about endlessly going round and round the same loop!!! Good grief I admire your tenacity dear reader!!  Never mind blogging awards.  I feel I should be giving out reader awards for the fact that you keep coming back!  You all deserve medals!  I’m amazed you haven’t died of boredom!  So a big thank you.  I shall endeavor to do better.

I know this is my blog and I can say what I like – but some days I might as well save myself the effort of typing and just read what I’ve already written!  Especially when I’m down -There can’t be much I haven’t written about  ‘down moments’!

And as for the great discussion on “Why isn’t today Wednesday!”  well I decided to print that out too so I could read it through – all 67 pages of it!  A book in itself. Both Stephen and LFBA need medals too for all the typing!

And just an aside – still having cold showers as the hot water boiler is yet to be fixed. Still in the courtesy car from the garage as my car won’t be mended until tomorrow!  Life!!
UPDATE:  for those interested in my ‘fascinating’ family – the comments are worth reading.

MEN!  AND I INCLUDE MY OLDER BROTHER IN THAT STATEMENT (i don’t include all men!  Just those who……)

5 thoughts on “A ‘bright’ idea!

  1. Hey Caroline,
    You know you can actually get your blog printed in a book format? Several companies offer that service on the internet.
    Just a thought, it may look nicer than loose paper.
    Hope things eventually get mended, life resumes so kind of normality and you can be reunited with your trainers 😉 .

    • Yes I had thought of doing that. Stupidly I thought it would be easier just to print it myself!! Still it kept me amused for most of the afternoon!

      To be reunited with my trainers will indeed be a joy! 🙂

  2. I have a friend who was divorced years ago and when she found out about D and me, she told me to call her whenever I wanted to talk about it. I told her I felt as if I were saying the same thing over and over. Her answer: “That’s what you have to do in order to assimilate the information and finally let it go. I’ve been there. I understand. Don’t hesitate to call on me whenever you need to talk.” Her answer to me is my answer to you. Lots of hugs.

    • thank you! It wasn’t until I started reading it all that I realised what a loop I had been running. I suppose because each circuit is slightly different from the one before I hadn’t realised how much I was repeating myself!!

      Anyway I now have something else to think about. My ultra-cold older brother has just rung me to tell me he and his wife are splitting up. His reason – he hasn’t been happy for some years (now where have I heard that before?!) and he feels (aged 63) that he’s probably got 20 years left – with luck – and wants to make the most of them. He added that If he’d only got a few left he wouldn’t have bothered!!!! (or words to that effect!)

      After all – and I quote him again ” You only get one crack at it and you might as well make the most of it!”

      He also said that if they do find they miss each other then they can always get back together.

      He is turning into an iceberg! Correction he’s colder than an iceberg!

      What is it with the MEN IN THIS CENTURY

    • Oh Pat, this makes so much sense, thank you!
      I too keep going over variations on the same theme over and over again… And it makes me feel so inadequate when people say things like “you just have to move on, stop thinking about this or that, stop saying the same things, etc..”

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