I had a bizarre start to my day today.

I had a proposal of marriage from someone I’ve never met!  – And before 9.00am!!   Sadly I don’t think he actually meant it!!  He’d turned up at work to collect some of the furniture we’re chucking out!  Still it was somewhat cheering!

We’d chatted for a couple minutes and with my mind fixed on Speed Dating (thanks for the thought SD) I did take his proposal seriously for all of a split second. But in the end  I took the decision to say No.  I just felt we didn’t know each other quite well enough!

Anyway it was a different way to start the day!

So! Enough of this prevarication – peering at my ‘mountain top’ from just below it. I need to stop dithering as to whether I am ready to take that next step.

Damn it –  I’ve decided I’ve reached “Stage 4”  of my climb (see categories!).  I’ve got to the top!

I now have one ‘Stage’ left to go – which is “Stage 5 – Flying”!

Now I’m ready for the exciting goals.  I know there will still be hurdles to get over but better to be here than anywhere else.

Anyway I need to secure the climbing rope and throw it down to my sister-in-law. And for her sake  I need to be at the top rather than behaving as if I’ve not quite got there.

I’m going to concentrate like mad on my future and finally do what Stephen (LC) has been suggesting I do for the last god knows how long!  Live each day  – NOW!

So roll on my next LC Session.  I don’t want to lose the momentum now.

4 thoughts on “Decisions

  1. Yay! You’re doing so well. You will be an inspiration to your sister-in-law.

    I’m glad you turned him down. He would probably slow down your flight which is coming up soon. Think of all that extra weight. 🙂

  2. You sound chirpier by the day which is lovely. A proposal of marriage from you man you have never met before. Hows that for Love at first sight. Still you caution was probably wise. Stll it’s a morale booster and we all love those

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