The butterfly of hope

We think the path’s untrodden
That it’s new on every score
That no-one’s been through this horror
No-one’s been this way before

How could they have walked this pathway
And lived to tell the tale?
When what we’ve faced is pain so deep
To explain it is to fail.

For it envelops every atom
Every cell of who we are
It consumes our very beings
But leaves no sign or scar

Then one day the dawn is brighter
The horizon offers hope
The biting pain becomes an ache
We smile and start to cope

And slowly like a butterfly
From our chrysalis of pain
We see there is a future
A rainbow in the rain

To my friends who’ve walked this pathway
Let us meet when we are through…
with the pain that so consumed us,
As we start our lives anew.

We’ll raise a glass to us survivors
To the Sensations that we are
Because no-one knows like we do
Where we’ve come from and how far

3 thoughts on “The butterfly of hope

  1. How lovely, thanks Caroline! The frustrating thing, I find, is that this metamorphosis is not a linear process: Some days I feel like I am becoming a butterfly, but some days I feel like an exhausted, wounded caterpillar. 😉 x

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