“Are there any able bodied men…..?”

This is one of my lines – in Oh What a Lovely War

Sums up how I feel  really!

The search continues……..

I sometimes just wonder if there are any available men out there who understand relationships and their part in them, who aren’t looking for a housekeeper, or just  ‘a bit on the side’, who want to have fun and give.

Who are capable of sending an interesting message on the Dating sites I’m on.  Who don’t mass mail the entire database with lazy messages such as “I’m here look me up and let me know if you’re interested”.

Who are still young at heart and don’t just believe excitement is going out on a Friday night for a drink at the local pub!  Who want adventure….

Shame the one I had ran out of battery power and failed to understand how either to recharge them or be interested in accepting that new batteries could have invigorated our life together in all the ways I’m thinking of! (And yes dear reader I AM thinking of ALL the ways!)

There should be more ‘life-time guarantees’ – or at least better batteries!

16 thoughts on ““Are there any able bodied men…..?”

  1. See now, I did have a go on Match for a while. I tried to tailor a suitable message to every lady I contacted, however I had minimal success.

    So what exactly does make a good line to get a lady interested, well at least a response would be good.

  2. Totally empathise with your thoughts on dating sites. I have given up with them (well for now at least). Something I noticed, for someone who apparently doesn’t look my age and definitely doesn’t act it, is that nearly all the ladies on the sites I have tried are looking for a man between 15 and 5 years younger than them. While I understand that toy-boys must be fun to reap, surely most men have a mental, let alone emotional age, far less than their female counterpart…hehe
    All I can say is hang on in, which you clearly are doing, get on with your own thing and you will find what you are looking for.

  3. You never know when Mr Duracell will wander into your life, and what means of transport he will use, whether it be by bumping into you in a shop or through a dating site. But bump he will. You just can’t hurry these things

  4. No rush. Mr Duracell may get overtaken by Mr Energizer – or a solar-powered Mr Right-on!
    I went through a period where I started thinking about trying for another relationship. A few things (mainly my daughter’s illness) made me pull back. Since then, and much water under the bridge, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m probably way too choosy, so actively searching for someone “suitable” is not really worth the effort.
    Having said that … Divine Intervention anytime soon would be lovely 🙂

    • I think you’re right. 2 of the sites I’m on come up for renewal in the next few days and I’m not going to renew either of them.

      I think a re-think is called for!

      • !!! 🙂

        But I do!!

        I really hate being on my own. I just think I need to go about it all in a different way!

        Not sure what yet though.

        I feel as though I’m marking time at the moment. And all that happens then is I wish Alex would come back – which is not good.

        Because if I’m out and about having fun and meeting new people then if he does suddenly contact me (and I don’t expect him to) I will have a much more grounded base from which to consider all my options!

  5. men aren’t able to understand you beautiful and complex creatures….give us time and a manual… oh crud, I can’t read something that thick…do you have one with pictures??? I’m waiting Caroline!


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