The ‘joy’ of estate agents

Today is Open House day at the house my 2 brothers and I are selling. The property we inherited  and which Alex and I owned a portion of.   The ‘property’ is split into 3 units  (the ‘main house’, a very large maisonette – where Alex and I lived, and a 1 bedroom ground floor flat) all of which are now  ‘up for grabs’, though we have accepted an offer on the main house.

I rolled up to have a look round at the now completed refurbishments.

What then ensued can only be described as bizarre.

Me:  “Hello, I’m one of the owners, I just thought I’d pop in to see what it all looked like now it’s complete”

Lady in charge of the open day:   “Ah.  Did you know it’s a family selling the property?”

Me:  “Yes, I’m one of the owners”

Her: “Do you know H?  He’s one of the family”

Me: “Yes, H is my brother”

Her: “Ah  you’re H’s sister, so you’re one of the family”

Me: (now beginning to wonder at her mental capacity) “Yes, I’m one of the owners –  I used to live here”

Her: “Please let me show you round”

Me:  “It’s OK I know my way round – I used to live here.

Her: “It’s a fascinating house with some wonderful features.  Would you like to see round?”

Me:  “Yes I know, I used to live here. In fact I was BORN here”

She then took me round the flat I used to live in and introduced me to each room as if I had never clapped eyes on any of it before!

The experience was somewhat surreal.

And this estate agent is one of the more ‘up-market’ ones in the neighbourhood!


Moral of this story:  Don’t try and put anyone off their rehearsed script!!

10 thoughts on “The ‘joy’ of estate agents

  1. I was born here……. Do you know the house?…… No, I walked around with my eyes closed for the last …… years.

    Some people are just dumb. There is NO cure for dumb!!

  2. i know some people who assist in liquating estates…make sure you get a full inventory before and after the items that are sold… it’s a crooked business…watch out for bad peeps!


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