It shouldn’t make a difference……

It shouldn’t make a difference

But it does.

I am now divorced.  And have been since 18 October though I didn’t know it.

Seeing it in writing is CRAP.


9 thoughts on “It shouldn’t make a difference……

  1. Oh Caroline, my heart goes out to you!…
    I know how awful it is, and truly admire the generosity and compassion of your letter to Alex.
    You seem to be such a wonderful person, this man truly does not know what he’s lost.

    • Thank you. I’m sitting here with the tears streaming down my cheeks.

      Ludicrous! My life is exactly the same as yesterday!!

      Still thank goodness the letter didn’t arrive last week when I was doing the Show. And I’m going out to dinner with some dear friends tonight – which is a VERY good thing!

      I hope they’re bringing raincoats and umbrellas as I am my own personal downpour!!


  2. Caroline I know it’s shit isn’t it. I cried and felt so angry when I finally got the divorce papers and you’re right, it does make a difference. But you make a difference too. I know that you’ve taught me a thing or two with the words you share on your blog. You sound like a very smart and compassionate lady who has just the right kind of balance between head and heart – your smart enough to know and accept this situation and compassionate enough to acknowledge the hurt in this too – and brave enough to show it. Hell if I lived closer to you I’d pop round with a good bottle of wine and two glasses. Have a good cry then go an enjoy dinner with friends. J x

    • Thank you! I had a lovely dinner out. They made me laugh which is just what I needed and we ended up singing Dolly Parton’s version of D.I.V.O.R.C.E. round my piano at around midnight! So a lovely end to the day!

  3. You see it as proof of failure.
    But remember it was not just you, there were two of you in the marriage, and equally two in the divorce.
    Things are never equal. One tries harder to keep the marriage going, one does more to cause the divorce.
    It is no longer time to apportion the blame.
    But as you posted earlier. This is just another barrier, you have to go through.

  4. Being divorced is better than being old and still single 😉
    I’m kidding Caroline. I know how hard it is. I cried too when i saw it in writing. Ironically enough my divorce became official on the 4th of july. Independance today. And although i will always remember the date, it is in some way insignificant.
    I know in time you will heal. You have been doing great so far!

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