Christmas with Mum

The Christmas when the son of her great friend deserted his marriage in favour of a young man!

The happy couple arrived, unannounced, on the night we were decorating the tree. The young man – camp to a T – insisted on helping. Despite sniggers from her offspring Mum kept her face a model of charm until we were left with just the angel for the tree top.  The young man snatched the figure shouting  “Ooh let me put the fairy on the top”.

Mum lost it,  vanished to the kitchen weeping with giggles where she remained cheerfully demolishing the cooking sherry!

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I have an idea!

A touch of photography the other day!  Bugs, creepy crawlies and reptiles!

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I just know who I’d like to send these to!! – And by that I mean the live ones!  Especially the tarantula – Oh Yes –  and the cockroach!

I’m sure he’d just love them!  And he so deserves to have them!!

Don’t you think I’m so generous?

There haven’t been enough hours in today!

I never, NEVER, never thought I’d say this!!  I never thought I’d feel like this!

But today there just haven’t been enough hours in the day to get done all the things I’ve wanted to.  I’m now reading two books at once “Time to Think” – which I’ve mentioned before and also a book about hypnosis: “My Voice will go with you” – The Teaching tales of Milton Erickson.  OK I do have to admit I fell asleep for an hour which was rather surprising – one moment I was engrossed in it and the next I opened my eyes to find I’d lost a whole hour.  Perhaps I hypnotised myself into slumber!

I’ve also been watching my DVD: An Evening with Richard Bandler, Introduction to NLP –  which I’m now watching for the 2nd time today.

I keep getting deja vu moments as I come across techniques  that I remember Stephen using – and I hope I’m getting a glimmer of understanding as to why!

There have been a few irritating moments of interruption like essential shopping and  other chores! As was the need to go and buy four YES FOUR new tyres for my car!  This car is going to bankrupt me at this rate!!  Just as well I wanted to get back home – I can’t afford to shop for fun!!

I’ve even managed to get my French homework done!  A first this early in the weekend!  And I’ve written more than one paragraph on the subject of the niqab which isn’t exactly an easy topic in any language!  My tutor doesn’t make life easy!!

So today has been a good day. Have a lovely evening everyone!!!


A lot is said about forgiveness. That moment that people suggest we are able to forgive our EXs for smashing up our lives, throwing us into our pits of despair, walking roughshod over our feelings and disappearing into their supposed new found happiness.

The other day I ‘wrote’ to Alex on my blog and forgave him for what he did.  At the moment when I wrote it I did.  Bizarrely ever since then I haven’t!

For months and months my earnest hope was that what we had could be resurrected, that we could somehow come through all this. That he would wake up one morning and realise he was in bed with the wrong woman!  (OK real good Holywood stuff).  That I would be able to forgive.

Denial was where I was – big time.  According to the book I’m reading “Time to Think” by Nancy Kline – and I quote:

We can usually go for about a year before we are forced to see what had been right in our face from the beginning. 

What she calls The Amy Question:   “What do you already know that you are going to find out in a year?”

What I do know is I’ve reached a level of acknowledgement that life has changed and will go on changing.  Not in the way I’d planned.  Maybe that’s what people mean by ‘letting go’ and ‘moving on’.  For me, for now, acknowledgement is about all I can handle.  The sadness of the breakup is still there – maybe it always will be.  But that’s something I feel comfortable acknowledging too.

BTW – the book is very enlightening and interesting!

Action and Nervous Anticipation!

Well I’ve been very proactive over the last few days!

I’ve found out about some NLP courses and have approached work to see if they’ll contribute towards the cost. (They may, they may not – but at least I didn’t get a definitive no!)  They  could well benefit from the skills I hope I’m about to learn! This will also give me a skill I want to develop so I can then use in a few years time as a second career when I retire.

It’s all a bit daunting but exciting!  A feeling that I’ve committed to doing this! I can hardly bow out now having announced my intentions to my boss at work, here on this blog, to my Life Coach……   All these people matter as I feel I’d be letting them down as well as myself if I didn’t give it my best shot now.  I know all that really matters is not letting me down – but for reasons I cannot explain part of not letting me down also includes not letting down those people I’ve now told!

So I’m giving myself something to focus on – a GOAL!!  Which is a major improvement on focusing on my failed marriage – which I already have a degree in – and a certificate to prove it!!  (and which I do with monotonous regularity at least once or twice a day)

In the meantime I still have my photography skills to hone, my french homework (as ever!!), my lines to learn for the pantomime……  and lots of books to read so when I do do these courses I have got some groundwork done.

Oh yes and e-harmony (one of the internet dating sites I’m on) want to make me a special member of the month (or something like that) so I’ve agreed!!  Well it might boost my ‘exposure’!  And I might get some better possible dates – as I’ve just trawled all their recommendations and most look older than my dad!!

Numbers Six and Seven – of Seven!

Number Six – Running

I ran a half-marathon in my 30s!  I did it for a cancer charity a girlfriend of mine believed in. She had cancer and sadly died 4 weeks before I did it leaving 2 young children and a husband I could have cheerfully ‘murdered’.  Six months before she died he told her he’d got himself another woman as she didn’t want sex anymore.  It finished her.  She gave up the fight.

On a lighter note – I then got the running bug a bit and went to Paris to run the Paris to Versailles 16Kms race!  Fantastic fun.  I loved the cheating – those who took the metro for part of the way!!  The dreadful hill which seemed to go on forever and the band playing in the forêt!

Running is, sort of, in the family as my Great Uncle was an ultra runner. He won the Comrades Marathon 5 times in the 1920s.  A record he held to his death as this was only broken fairly recently! (BTW the Comrades Marathon is a 56 mile run!).   He also held the world record for the 100 miles in the 1930s.

My efforts weren’t anywhere near merit worthy!  I got to the finish line. Say no more!

Number Seven – I can’t drink champagne!

It gives me dreadful hangovers, as does all dry white wine!  And I don’t mean after several glasses.  Half a glass does it and I’m in a bad way for days!  I’m perfectly happy drinking a nice Vouvray though. And I love red and rose wine!

So please note any potential Internet Dating suitors buying me champagne might seem a wonderful idea but won’t get you anywhere you might possibly want to get!

So that’s it! Phew!  Got there in the end!  It’s been interesting thinking of 7 marginally interesting things about me!  I hope I’ve entertained!

OK who’s next?