I love challenges!  Usually the more impossible the better!

Bit of background:  I’m a Facilities Manager – so in charge of the services for the Company I work for.  From maintenance of the buildings, plant and grounds to all the services the Company needs to function – Security, cleaning, catering, supplies, reception function, IT, etc., etc ….. I’m also responsible for property lettings, office moves, refurbishments…….. You get the picture. 

Mostly, because I’ve been doing this job for the last 20+ years, it’s all too easy and not very ‘challenging’!!

It becomes much more fun when either something goes majorly wrong (!), or I’m set an ‘impossible’ task!

For instance, faced with being asked to organise the refurbishment of an area including, say, a move of staff – with an impossible deadline – I become incredibly dynamic!  I rally my troops, cajole and chivvy my suppliers, work my socks off and achieve what’s asked!  Those around me who say it can’t be done are met with surprise and amazement  from  me and remarks like: “Well we won’t know if we can or we can’t unless we give it a go!” – and 90% of the time we surprise ourselves and deliver on time.

So, dear reader, I find it somewhat irritating when faced with one of the most challenging challenges of my life that I seem to behaving in a rather lackluster and apathetic manner!!  This is not good and so Not Me!

Of course one of the reasons is I wanted the Challenge to be “Get Marriage Back on Track”  but sadly that hasn’t been the challenge that’s been set.

The Challenge (and that probably applies to all of us going through this unwanted trauma) is:

“Get Life back on Track and live life to the full – and enjoy!”.

Nothing wrong at all with this as a Challenge!  I should be able to ‘buy into it’.  I’ve bought into challenges before that I’ve not totally believed in – sometimes I’ve been the one who was right and we’ve all stood back at the end to hear ‘those in power’ mutter how it’s been a waste of money, time and effort. Sometimes I’ve been wrong and been surprised at the result of someone else’s vision.  But I’ve always accepted the challenge and worked my best to achieve it!

So, clearly, all I now need is to be surprised at the “someone else’s vision” and go for it!!

None of us have anything to lose by grabbing this challenge. In fact as a challenge – with a few tweaks of the words –  it applies to everyone regardless of their circumstances.

So today my challenge is to gain as much as I can from my Life Coaching session later this afternoon!  Not to dwell on the “What might have been’s” – which still stubbornly attack me far more than I’d like.  Not to attempt to tweak the Challenge in a sneaky attempt to meet what I wish was different (!) and then to just bl@@dy well get on with it!!

Simples!(the S is important):  As you will see below!!!

5 thoughts on “Challenges

  1. One challenge that has defeated me is seeing whatever is in the window at the bottom of this post.
    My Works computer system does not think it is suitable for me. So All I can think of is that the S is for Sex, you are right it is so important.!!!

  2. You always intrigue me with your truly honest posts Caroline. You sound like a very dynamic lady but from what you say I wonder if your work challenges are in some respects easier to rise to because they are for other people (making things right/better for them) – the buying in to your challenge is about you. Your job sounds demanding but one that you thrive on and I have no doubt that people marvel at what you achieve (I read the blog about the office move and I marvelled at you). However with the ‘you’ challenge in some respects the person who is there to be wowed by your progress/achievements is you and I know that that can feel a bit lonely.

    But – and there is always a but, I’m sure all of us who follow your blog are routing for you – and I’m sure there are many more. Just let me know when you need me to shout Hoooray anytime! – because I will.

    Onwards and upwards. Hope you have a good session this afternoon.


    • You are right! I can rise to challenges for others much more easily than for myself. So the challenge or goal is to find the goal for me.

      Life Coaching was good this afternoon. I think probably the last one for quite a time because really I now need to DO rather than keep talking about it!

      So I need to focus, focus, focus and give myself the future I’ve set myself up for and which Stephen’s coaching has given me!

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