Nine things I love about ‘Now’

Inspired by Lady E’s post and the fact that Back on my Own  has also taken up the ‘baton’, I’ve been giving this some thought!

So here are mine:

1  My Bath stuff

Di Palomo White Grape

I just love an early evening soak in their wonderful bubble bath,  in candle light, with the extra perfume of their room fragrance wafting through the steam…  Heaven!  I seem to have treated myself to their entire range!  I usually hate scented candles but this perfume just ‘does it for me’!  The smell is heavenly – not too sweet but fresh and calming – which, sometimes, I rather need!!  Especially after a long fight with the traffic on the M4 on my trip home from work!

All I need now is someone to come and scrub my back……….!

2 My Little Garden!

I’m renting a wonderful little cottage in the centre of the village where I’ve lived – on and off –  for most of  my life.  It’s hidden away behind some of the shops and incredibly has its own little garden!  It’s a lovely place to sit out in.  A great sun trap.  And very peaceful.  I shall miss it when I have to move.

3  Tea

Either  – Rooibos or Red Bush as it’s sometimes called.  I love the taste. It reminds me of all the wonderful holidays I had in Southern Africa and that one day, maybe, I will go back!  It’s a great tea as it’s caffeine free and sooooooooo refreshing!

Or –  Keemun China Tea.  Which I was brought up on and can’t be without!

4  Comfort foods: Condensed Milk  – eaten straight from the tin with a spoon!   Dark chocolate – especially the Lindt ones like Lindt Orange Intense!

5 My Clavinova – which I’ve ‘rediscovered’ since moving and although I struggle playing it others come round and bash out some splendid pieces on it.  Including many Flanders and Swann songs.  Great evenings of laughter and singing!

6.  My Bedroom.  It took a while to get used to sleeping at the top of the stairs on a mezzanine floor – so no door to my room. But I love it now and I have two skylights so I can lie in bed and watch the clouds, or stars or the moon. (or rain!!)

7.  The Red Kites – re-introduced into this area about 15 years ago there are now hundreds.  I’ve even managed to get some to swoop down for food I’ve put out on the roof of my little shed in my little garden!  I spent ages taking photos last year whilst I was still living at my last house!  I must have taken over 2000 photos in my attempt to catch the kites diving for food!!  The results weren’t very successful!

8.  Autumn Colours

We are surronded by beech trees here.  The colours at this time of year aren’t as spectacular as they are in other countries but we still get some reasonable displays!  Sadly today it’s been cloudy all day and now it’s raining! Still a good excuse to snuggle up indoors – maybe with some ‘comfort food’!

And Finally and Most Importantly:

9.  Me!!

Something that has taken me a while to re-find!  But a year or more’s life coaching has given me that!

The Life Coaching which reached its logical end last Wednesday.  I shall really miss going as I  found it all so fascinating – especially the last few months.  Not just from dealing with my own ‘issues’ but the whole process of how he helps others and has that ability to offer up ideas and processes which do genuinely make a difference to one’s outlook and the way we communicate and think.

It’s been a genuine pleasure to meet Stephen.  Who, I might add,  is now in the very privileged position (!) of knowing more about me than probably anyone else on the planet!!

As I’ve said before “It’s been amazing”.  Albeit after a few ‘re-takes’ and  my somewhat protracted desire not to listen or do my homework, (!) I just hope I finally  ‘graduated’ with flying colours!

I suppose that all depends on what I do next!!  Which is still a bit of a stumbling block and daunting.  But I think Stephen’s right, my current goal has to be to find a good goal!

And yes you finally get to see my picture!

So those are my Nine.  Who’s next to take up the baton of this great idea?

18 thoughts on “Nine things I love about ‘Now’

  1. A great post,and I would try to follow, I am just struggling to think of nine things.

    I used to love condensed milk sandwiches, have not thought about those for years.

    It is nice to see the things, you love about now, and a surprising collection it is. The red kites dive with such speed, you have done well to capture them at all.

  2. Great list. Especially the last “item.” I’m with you on the Rooibos tea. And the Lindt Chocolate Intense. The white grape stuff sounds great. Might have to check it out. I’m going to pass on the condensed milk. 🙂

  3. You really have come come an amazingly long way in a short time, and you are now in a good place to embark on the next stage of your life. One that is free, happy, and without doubt. Oh you will have doubts, but little ones. You have discovered ‘you’ and have now revealed yourself to the world. Takes a fantastic amount of courage. You deserve the best the world has to offer, and you will find it.

    • Thank you. The photo was taken 2 years ago at my Dad’s 100th birthday bash!

      It was a great day and he really enjoyed it. And bless him he then announced he’d reached his mile stone, had had enough and ‘wanted to stop’ – which he did very peacefully 7 weeks later. He was an amazing man with an amazing life. (Flying instructor in WW11, Concert pianist, inventor…… the list goes on!)

      So the photo is a lovely reminder of a wonderful day and a truly remarkable and special human being.

  4. This is great! Another list for me to write 🙂 Thanks … Just give me a bit of thinking time to come up with nine!
    Wow, you’ve really come to a good place now Caroline. The journey has been hard, but the end result is what counts. The things that we have to fight for are often the most precious gifts.

    • Thank you. The dull ache of sadness remains. But I’ve learnt to accept that as part of life. I can’t turn the clock back – much as I might want to. So although I miss my ex a great deal still, l I know that by looking forward, not back, I’ll get a new life which will be different from the one I envisaged 3 years ago but that won’t mean it can’t be fun

      Such a shame my Ex has missed out on seeing the new ‘improved’ me!! But then that’s his loss!!

  5. Aww, Caroline, you look lovely!!
    And yes, it’s lovely to know a bit more about you that way…I’m with you on Lindt’s dark choc and Autumn colours.
    Love your garden too…Hope we can meet next January!

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