Small ‘Triumphs’

So easy to miss them and pass them off without giving them due consideration.

Especially for those of us going through difficult times.

This morning after running my ‘life is surreal’ moment which today had the added bonus of lying in bed wondering why the dawn seemed to be more advanced than it should be before the alarm went off.  Yup!   You’ve guessed it the alarm had failed to fire into action.

This of course shot me into action in a way which was alarming not only for me but my neighbours, as my bemused brain decided it was bin day – which it isn’t, that’s tomorrow – so I was up in my tracky botties and jumper rushing about in the nearly-dawn-dark and about to trundle my bin down the alleyway only to stop short as my two remaining braincells met, shook hands, embraced and threw themselves into action!  Hi Caroline – today is Wednesday!  It’s work-at-home day.  It’s NOT bin day.

Gosh my life is SO exciting!

But I digress!  Small triumphs!  I suppose I can count this morning’s escapade as a small triumph as I just managed to stop making a fool of myself!

On Sunday I had one of my “I’m on the radio” small triumphs as Terry Wogan again read out my email on his Sunday show.  I do rather well on his programmes!  So my small triumph is that TW finds me funny!

On Monday I had a small triumph by making the staff laugh as I struggled to deal with a problem well out of my reach.  Hanging a clock on a hook a good 3 feet above my head  and out of reach, kept those in the vicinity amused for several minutes!

Last night one of my photos scored a maximum 20 in the novices competition at the camera club I belong to . Which gave me a warm glow! (click photo to  see full size)

And also a bit of a boost to do better.

Am I competitive?  You bet!!  Despite pretending I’m not!

So life is full of small triumphs, some so small they can easily be missed!  And each triumph is a gem in each day.  Not all the same ‘size’ but nonetheless important.

Here’s to your small triumphs, dear reader.  May they make you smile fleetingly as you navigate through your day.

15 thoughts on “Small ‘Triumphs’

  1. I’m laughing about your morning frenzy. To my way of thinking, making someone laugh is no small triumph; it’s a rather large one. And you do that regularly. So count ’em all and count ’em big.

    The photo is absolutely gorgeous. Well done, friend.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad my brain fired into action before I reached the road with my bin! The neighbours would have panicked as we all rely on each other to remind us of ‘bin day’!!

      And I’ve now FIXED the alarm clock!! And yes it is still working!!

  2. hello Caroline – it is important to remind ourselves from time to time of all the brilliant things we do achieve rather than focusing on the stuff we can’t manage.
    I have a running battle with the food recycle bin – it comes every other wednesday and I manage to miss it practically every time … I’ve even manage to leave it out after the damn collection has been – oh how my neighbours must have laughed! But yesterday I managed to remember and put it out – in time! Yeah me! Small things x

  3. I hope you haven’t added annoyance to the Butcher Wars! Now that would be a big triumph… Pity 20 pts are the max that can be awarded because your photo is stunning. That triumph is far more satisfying than yet more b****y butterflies. I would rate your triumphs as medium to large!

  4. Well done for your triumphs, you deserve the trumpets and all that ! It’s a great reminder for me of all these little achievements I tend to overlook :). Made an awesome gratin de quenelles tonight, if I may say so myself 😉
    PS. Love the photo, and thanks to the PhD Pimpernel (interesting name) for the Blipfoto link

    • Excellent!

      And did you watch Peter Jones on How we made our Millions – BBC 2 – just finished.

      Fascinating. Put Peter Jones in a much better light than his Dragons’ Den image and really showed how a strong business woman – Michelle Mone – can be incredibly feminine and vulnerable as well.

      He asked some very interesting probing questions – much in the way Stephen does

      In fact at times it was a bit like being in a session with Stephen – but in a fly on the wall sort of way!!

  5. Good post, focusing on the good things that happen, however big or small.

    The photo is great.

    Nice to hear you are comfortable about coming out as a TOG>

  6. That jumping out of bed thing at the wrong tme has been done by me. I once rushed offtowork and thinking it rather dark checked my watch to find I had mixed the hour and minute hands up through being half asleep

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