Knock out the negativity

This is my challenge today from MeYouHealth Daily Challenge 
I rather liked this one so I thought I’d pass it on!
How to do it

Choose one person – it can be a friend, colleague, or family member – and limit your exposure to their negative energy today. While you may not be able to avoid them entirely, take a break from their phone calls or emails for the day if you can. If the person is someone you have to work with, don’t hang around the water cooler when they are there. If you do get stuck listening to a negative tirade, simply smile and stay detached!

Why it matters

Through a process called emotional contagion, our bodies tend to mimic those in close physical proximity. It’s believed that many facial expressions cause the release of certain hormones that can alter our mood. When you wrinkle your nose and narrow your eyes, it appears that your body releases adrenaline, which increases your heart rate. By keeping some distance between yourself and someone negative, even for a day, you have a better chance at keeping a positive mood, which is great for your physical and emotional health.

Who I chose:

Well I chose ME!  As I am often so brilliant at feeding myself negative vibes I thought I was a good candidate for giving positive ones – so my challenge today is to stay positive ALL DAY!!!

A little dose of being my own Life Coach! 

So far so good………………….!

5 thoughts on “Knock out the negativity

  1. I was fortunate enough to have some sessions with a fantastic psychotherapist (last year when I was going through a particularly tough period). This was something she talked about and she really put me though my paces on it, for which I’m grateful for. By working hard I found that I got to the stage of being able to minimise the impact that others had on me. It’s not easy and I frequently have to remind myself but it does actually work and is really empowering. Good luck to you with your positive day!

  2. That’s brilliant! I can add this to my daily list so that I too keep positive! BTW, I wrote out a ‘smalls’ lists this morning, and this evening I have ticked off four small triumphs! Keep the advice coming, you are turning into a life coach.

  3. Mine is the Ex, and even though I have managed to put thousands of miles between me and her, well at least at the moment, she can still influence my mood.

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