Windows 7 v. Windows XP

The great dilemma. To upgrade or not. Every PC owner’s nightmare.

Some googling this morning has resulted in me discovering I can run Windows 7 in XP mode.  But I’m not sure that’s such a good idea.  Mixing modes can result in computer dilemma!  Not a clean operating system!

So I’ve decided  I have to  find a way of removing Windows XP so Windows 7 can run unhindered.

The problem is that I have several programs installed on my hard-drive which will only run on Windows XP

I’m very lucky I’ve been provided with my own unique version of the Windows 7 operating system.  It’s been tweaked to meet all my requirements and I have several Apps and Tools to run all of the specialised new programs I need.  It has taken several months to establish exactly what these are!

Clearly I need to sort this out fairly swiftly as Windows XP is no longer supported.  So running Windows 7 is really my only option.

How do I know Windows XP is unsupported? –  (Or Windows Ex P as I prefer to call it – I am sure the significance is not lost on you dear reader!  Just add the fact that my married surname begins with a P….) –  Well it isn’t supported by Stephen (Life Coach); it isn’t supported by Alex (clearly).  I appear to be a rather a lone user.

Now I’ve already been told by said LC that wiping my hard-drive (brain) clean and starting again is not an option!  So,  having been provided with this unique, tailored software to run me and paid for the disc, I have to find a way of running the old programs on Windows 7. With their new improved “Outlook”  And run them 24 hrs a day every day!

I am occasionally meeting with some resistance!  Typical MS systems the old versions keep taking over – won’t go away when you want them to!!

Perhaps I should convert myself to Apple!


And if you’re not sure what this post is REALLY about then go back to the beginning and re-read!!!


20 thoughts on “Windows 7 v. Windows XP

  1. WIndows XP is effeminately being consigned to history. Though my work laptop still runs it. Windows 7 is a good system, unlike the disaster that was Vista.
    As to how to transfer from one to the other without loosing key programs, that I do not konw.
    And for apple, my daughter has swapped. and after a few weeks of struggling with lost keys and commands, she would now never go back to Windows.

  2. Very, very clever Caroline. I love your thoughts. What you need to do is to integrate the two. Bring in 7 and then clear out Ex P. There will be some conflict for a while, but this way you can then remove the old Ex P programmes one at a time, ensuring smooth running of the new system.

    Hugs. K

  3. Hi Caroline,

    Switching to Apple (for example a Macbook Air) has some long-term usability advantages; it’s just not a cheap option. You can continue to run Windows programs by using VMware Fusion or Parallels although it’s not a good long-term solution because the environment isn’t completely stable and because only one of them supports Windows 7 (as has been said, XP is gone/going now).

    Upgrading to Windows 7 is a viable option. Running XP programs under Windows 7 is no problem at all. You can run almost everything natively and only mess with programs that have problems until a new release or fix resolves the issue. Find the program you want to run that only runs in XP Mode (C:\Program Files\Some Folder Name) and use the right mouse button on the program itself. Click on “Properties” then select the “Compatibility” tab. From there, you can choose to run the program as if it were running under XP SP3 or alternatives. For some programs, you need to run them in Administrator mode (Adobe Creative Suite is an example). In this case, change the sho

  4. Thank you all for your wonderful advice.

    And bless you all. You’ve made me smile!

    And well done Katie for spotting and understanding the real purpose of this post!!

    😀 😀

  5. Oh I get it now. I’ve been racking my brains to try to figure out the Microsoft stuff I left behind and got caught up with all your programming jargon. By the way I think your ‘Outlook’ is just perfect and it sounds as though your LC is providing you with just the right kind of software updates. Good luck with your very own special new system Caroline!

  6. It may well be no surprise to you that I can hardly understand any of this. I’m still locked into “Vista” mode, which I understand was not a success but I’ve no idea how to get out of it and please don’t try to tell me. I wouldn’t understand you anyway

  7. As I read your blog, it slowly dawned on me what you were getting at! Brilliant analogy. I have been told that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, although I’d rather have an Apple that would last me for a few years!

  8. Delete the EX P–all systems will run better! Trust me, I’ve been there! (And ironically, years later, it’s the ex who can’t seem to reboot. Karma?)

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