I’ve been banned!!!

Well that got your attention!

I’ve been a bit quiet this week.  I’ve not been in a ‘good place’.  Rather overwhelmed by life.  I allowed myself to be over nostalgic, gloomy….. and lots of other negative emotions.  In fact I’ve worn myself out this week weeping. Not good.  In fact Bad.   So thanks Pat for your email of concern.  You are, wonderfully, right I need to be busier!

But what I didn’t expect was to reach home to find a voicemail from the owner of our local Beauty Salon removing me as a client!!

Apparently the owner has taken exception to me expressing concern  to one of their other clients about the horrendous malicious gossip she and her member of staff have been spreading about this client and her daughter (and probably me too!) behind her back.

I dislike malicious gossip.  I don’t like seeing other people being hurt.  Especially good honest people who are working hard to trade in the village and offer important services which really matter in rural communities, and who are so supportive of this local community.

I suppose the owner could have rung me and apologised for their lapse of professionalism.  But clearly she was too uncomfortable with her behaviour to do that.

So instead I’ve been ‘banned’ for outing her and her staff!

Wow I must have hit a raw nerve!!

Anyway the ‘ban’  has had a very beneficial effect on me!  I’ve cheered up immensely and had a lovely giggle with a girlfriend!

Ah the joys of village life!  Hey ho!

10 thoughts on “I’ve been banned!!!

  1. Caroline on purpose I didn’t hit the “Like” button because it felt a bit strange to do so. However, I do like the way that you have put this into perspective. I think you are very kind in seeing this owner’s reaction as a ‘lapse in professionalism’ – it sounds, from what you say, that this is the norm for this establishment. I too am used to village life and have experienced the highs and lows and interestingly I think that village gossip comes very close at times to infringing in the areas of slander. I am sorry that they banned you – on a positive note if you think about it by highlighting what you did you have probably had more of a an impact on their business than they had in your life. You can choose to take your custom somewhere else – they however are not in the privileged position (they should realise) of choosing their clients. I hope folk vote with their feet! Glad you’re back – I’ve missed you. 😉

    • Fortunately I find it funny. And in fact I had been thinking of taking my business elsewhere after my last visit when the incident happened!

      I needed to cheer myself up!

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been down. I’d been hoping that you’d be on an upward trend with a new life ahead of you. Something like this exactly the kind of thing that reminds you that you’re normal and intelligent…and that the jerks and plonkers are often willing to cut off their nose to spite their face.

    As our Scottish friend noted, you get to choose where to take your business…and that relates to Life too. You’re in charge now. Live! 🙂

  3. Dear Caroline,
    Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling lousy. It must be the time of year or something…I’ve been down in the dumps too.
    Anyway, I think you dealt ever so well with the salon owner. Good on you for having some princilples! Take care and I hope your weekend gets better xx

    • Sorry to hear you’ve been in the dumps too.

      I know I do this to myself (Stephen would be pointing this out if I’d contacted him(!) )- after all no one else stomped into my life and decided to make me miserable.

      Hope your weekend is good

  4. Banned from a beauty salon! Well, they obviously cannot do anything to make you more lovely than you already are, so they banned you because of that. 🙂

    Sorry you have had a bad day or two. There are still going to be ‘downs’ along with the ‘up’s’, but you know that and you deal with it really well.

  5. You’ve been banned!? That’s funny. You did the right thing and now you’re going to find a much better hair dresser. My last home was in Smalltown, NC, and I remember a woman who was banned from her dentist’s office because she had the nerve to question his prices. Little did he know what a mistake he was making. She told everyone in three counties how Dr. Tooth “fired” her for asking about his fees. And who can blame her for asking. She had no dental insurance. Thanks for the giggles. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better. 🙂

  6. Addendum to this Post –

    There is a wonderful own goal to all this. As someone kindly pointed out as I did my morning shop in the village. The hairdressers in our village also does eyelash tinting (the only thing I went to the beauty salon for!). So I’ve now booked myself in there! The hairdressers is a good 100yds closer to where I live. So I haven’t in any way been inconvenienced!

    Anyway have you ever been banned and if so where from?

    I feel there should be an “I’ve been banned” award!

  7. Darling Caroline,
    You have come so far and you know that. Some nostalgia is ok, as long as you realize it is just that and you are a better person now than you were in the beginning of this journey. I think we all struggle with that black dog over our shoulder. That is how I feel anyway!

    Thanks for the giggle!
    Tons of love!
    xo -S.

  8. Eyelash tinting!
    Was not aware of that activity
    I think it is quiet an achievement to get banned from the salon. Good for you for outing them and their malicious gossip.

    I’ve only managed bans from the pub, well also got sent out of midnight mass on christmas eve for being drunk, but then again the village pub and the village church shared the same car park.

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