Number One of Seven

I’ve been nominated (twice) for the Versatile Blogger Award. For which I feel somewhat humbled and surprised.  I’ve added their blogs to my links as I am stuck with choosing who to pass  this on to and don’t want to leave anyone out!

I’m always amazed that anyone else should find my mutterings, meanderings and theories on life in anyway interesting.  I’m pleased some of you have found them amusing/worthy of reading/ worth commenting /helpful…..  Whatever!  I’m glad my Life Coach has commented here as it has helped  and benefited me enormously.  And I believe some of my readers too.

Anyway enough on that score!

Here’s the first of seven things you didn’t know about me, until now!:

1  Paris

I au paired in Paris for two years in my early twenties.  Fascinating.  Having run the gauntlet of this I  came to the conclusion that au pairing was (a) Marriage without the perks!  – I’m sure you follow my thoughts here!  and (b) Au Pair could roughly be translated as “For the Father”  – given the number of times I got the “My wife doesn’t understand me” story!

I actually worked for 2 families during my 2 year sojourn. The first an English family on secondment to Paris where I was treated like a slave!  The 2nd a French family whose antics were worthy of a novel.

I particularly liked Madame’s view on marriage. Every afternoon she would entertain a male friend for tea whilst I took the children to the park.  I labelled these men  Lundi, Mardi, Mercredi, Jeudi and Vendredi and we soon became nodding acquaintances as their arrival at the apartment signalled my departure for the park – never mind the weather.

Imagine my surprise when one evening I was asked to serve at a dinner party (for extra pay!) and on wheeling in the hors d’oeuvre  discovered I knew every man in the room of 12 but none of their spouses.  I was then introduced to all present as if I’d never met them before.

Such class!!!  By the time they’d reached dessert Madame, emboldened by the amount she’d had to drink, pulled up a chair and invited me to join the party!

The thing is I have a shrewd suspicion that maybe Monsieur was entertaining Mme Lundi to Mme Vendredi ……!  Who knows!   No-one does it like the French!

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