Number Two of Seven!

No 2  Lingerie!

Such an important topic in anyone’s life!  At least mine!  And I hope in the lives of all!

Back in the early 1980s I started a lingerie company with a girlfriend (by the way moral of this story:  Think twice before going into business with a friend!)

Our aim was to beat Janet Reger (the lingerie queen of UK at the time) at her own game.

We sewed these skimpy briefs (UK name for pretty feminine knickers) ourselves.  And I spent many, many hours bent over a sewing machine churning them out well into the night!

Our plan was to build up the business until we could both afford to leave our full time jobs!

Sadly  work,  romance and a reluctance to actually DO anything constructive (in more ways than one) became my ‘friend’s’ modus operandi and finally she walked out of the business leaving me with a sizable debt and being sued for Corporation Tax as her Accountant boyfriend had also failed to do and then submit our Accounts. Presumably  due to the fact that he was too busy ‘doing’ my friend!

When asked how our knicker business was going our stock answer was “Oh Up and Down!!  As all knickers should!”

Sadly ours ended up in the down position never to be pulled back up!

So end of story. (It’s OK I escaped the Corporation tax bill!) Except I now have a skill in sewing honed on my faithful sewing machine.  So I’ve never bought knickers since!  I make them in batches and then dish some as presents through the year!

4 thoughts on “Number Two of Seven!

  1. Caroline,

    First, you had me at “lingerie”! The ‘up and down’ comment is very clever!

    Regarding your business, I know exactly how you feel. For my first company in England in the late 1980s, my Accountant didn’t file any of the paperwork that was required. After the company was seized, it took me months to get my money back from the Queen’s Solicitor. I was a lot more careful with my next company!

    Anyway, back to the lingerie. You were saying? 🙂

  2. Your “knickers” are beautiful.

    I’ve always heard that one shouldn’t start a business with a friend or a family member. Good advice, I think.

    Two down, five to go. One day I’ll work on mine. Project almost finished. 🙂

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