Numbers 3 and 4 of 7

Number 3 – Coconut!

I hate dessicated coconut  I can’t even swallow it.  The thought of it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

Mme (of my au pair moment – See Number 1 of this series) once gave me a Bounty Bar (which for those of you outside UK is a bar of very sweet dessicated coconut covered in chocolate) – I smiled ‘sweetly’ thanked her – said I’d eat it later and then binned it!

But I love fresh coconut, coconut cream and as for fresh coconut water – Wow is that good!

Coconut is great for cooking.  Chicken in coconut cream sauce is one of my favourite recipes!

Number 4 – I swam in the Gambia river by mistake

On one of numerous adventures Alex and I ended up 300 kms in-land at Georgetown in the Gambia.  Having travelled there independently on various buses.  We stayed at Bird Safari Camp.  On one of our trips out on the Safari Queen boat we stopped to collect supplies at the Georgetown wharf.  Supplies were duly piled high on the top deck of the boat – unfortunately all on one side!  We sat on the lower deck watching the activity.  More supplies were loaded.  The boat started to rock rather alarmingly.

The next thing we knew we were both swimming.  All well and good EXCEPT for the possibility of crocodiles!  Mass activity ensued on the bank – people lept into canoes to come to our rescue and we were pulled out and taken to the shore.

The boat had vanished – along with the supplies – which the locals then spent happy times diving for – clearly not bothered by the crocs!  And cans of beer can’t be left at the bottom can they.

They also managed to rescue most of our belongings but I have to say our binoculars weren’t that happy afterwards.

They even rescued the boat a few days later and it appears it’s still  being used today from the pictures on their website!  Though I’m not sure how current their website really is!

One of my favourite views is from their landing-stage.  (not my photos btw)

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