Number 5 of 7

This is getting harder!  What to tell you about me that you don’t know already?  That’s presuming you’ve waded through all my previous posts – which dear reader, for your own sanity, I will totally understand you not doing!

Number 5 – gliding

OK I know you all know I used to glide as a hobby but here’s a couple of gliding stories:

I went solo in a glider – at 16 –  so before I could drive a car.  I remember the flight so vividly!  I was towed up behind the towplane to 2000 ft.  I remember not wishing to release.  A sort of “Don’t leave me up here on my own” moment!  My first moment of terror.  Little did I know how many more I would have!

A few years later and part of gaining my next gliding certificate (Silver C) I needed to do a flight of at least 50kms landing at a different place!  I set off full of trepidation!  My hate of ‘leaving home’ nearly got the better of me.  So I adopted the ‘go for it’ approach. The ‘don’t look back’.  So I shot off determined to get out of range of home.  I did. So much so I didn’t bother to stop to gain any height by using thermals.

I landed in a field about 10 miles from home.  Overcome with relief at having got myself safely on the ground without breaking anything and have accomplished my first landing in a field I marched off to find the farmer.  I bumped into a young lad and asked where I could find him.  Rather sheepishly he took me to an office and said “Headmaster I’ve brought this lady to see you”.

I was somewhat surprised as the place didn’t look like a school.  It wasn’t.  It was an Approved School (a young offenders institution!).  I spent the entire afternoon there waiting for the gliding club to come and get me!  I was the most popular 21 yr old within miles.  None of these young offenders having clapped eyes on a girl for months and months!   I was incredibly well looked after and when the glider trailer finally rolled up we had more helpers than we knew what to do with!

3 thoughts on “Number 5 of 7

  1. fantastic story.
    The lengths you are prepared to go to in the hunt of male companionship is impressive.
    I hope later intrepid glider trips were more successful.

    • 🙂
      That’s what everyone else said!
      Later flights were more successful! I managed to complete the task on most occasions.
      I landed out in France once in a very nice field. No issues except for my burning desire to inform the farmer that I had crashed in his field! (Which I hasten to add I hadn’t!)

      Why? Well the English are notorious for using English words when they don’t know the French one. So to say “I’ve crashed in your field”
      could be translated to “J’ai craché dans votre champ”
      The french verb cracher means to spit. So this would translate badly!
      But actually having landed out in a field rather than get home you might want to say “I spit in your field!”

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