Numbers Six and Seven – of Seven!

Number Six – Running

I ran a half-marathon in my 30s!  I did it for a cancer charity a girlfriend of mine believed in. She had cancer and sadly died 4 weeks before I did it leaving 2 young children and a husband I could have cheerfully ‘murdered’.  Six months before she died he told her he’d got himself another woman as she didn’t want sex anymore.  It finished her.  She gave up the fight.

On a lighter note – I then got the running bug a bit and went to Paris to run the Paris to Versailles 16Kms race!  Fantastic fun.  I loved the cheating – those who took the metro for part of the way!!  The dreadful hill which seemed to go on forever and the band playing in the forêt!

Running is, sort of, in the family as my Great Uncle was an ultra runner. He won the Comrades Marathon 5 times in the 1920s.  A record he held to his death as this was only broken fairly recently! (BTW the Comrades Marathon is a 56 mile run!).   He also held the world record for the 100 miles in the 1930s.

My efforts weren’t anywhere near merit worthy!  I got to the finish line. Say no more!

Number Seven – I can’t drink champagne!

It gives me dreadful hangovers, as does all dry white wine!  And I don’t mean after several glasses.  Half a glass does it and I’m in a bad way for days!  I’m perfectly happy drinking a nice Vouvray though. And I love red and rose wine!

So please note any potential Internet Dating suitors buying me champagne might seem a wonderful idea but won’t get you anywhere you might possibly want to get!

So that’s it! Phew!  Got there in the end!  It’s been interesting thinking of 7 marginally interesting things about me!  I hope I’ve entertained!

OK who’s next?

10 thoughts on “Numbers Six and Seven – of Seven!

  1. I managed to run a half marathon once. Can not understand how anyone could run any further. I was dead to the world.
    Is it just champagne or all sparkling white wines you struggle with. I for one prefer Prosecco to champagne, though this is still dry.
    But for me red wines are by far the best to drink

    • All dry white wine. I’m OK with sparking rose and sparkling Vouvray – as long as it’s sweeter. It must be something to do with the dryness! I appear to have inherited the problem from my father!

    • Lost in France,
      Have you lost your mind? Running is bliss on a cool morning. I’ve completed a few long distance races, so your words hurt my ears! Just give it another tri! One day, we should all do the Paris Marathon. It’s now on my bucket list!

      Or maybe Ironman France in Nice….now that sounds like FUN!

  2. Red wine forever! I’m the same as you Caroline – whites get me well and truly undone before the first glass has been consumed. And then probably a week before I’m truly recovered …
    Running has never been my forté – I’d rather swim all day than run 100m! So, good on you for doing my share of running for me 🙂

  3. You always entertain. Your family runing achievements are impressive. As for the champagne thing. There seems no rational explanation as you can manage red wine etc. Perhaps the secret is in the bubbles

  4. I don’t like dry whites either, but not because they make me sick. On the other hand, I am quite partial to a Sancerre, a Sauternes, or a lovely fruity Gewurtzraminer… Anyway, cheers! (and well done for managing those seven things) x

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