There haven’t been enough hours in today!

I never, NEVER, never thought I’d say this!!  I never thought I’d feel like this!

But today there just haven’t been enough hours in the day to get done all the things I’ve wanted to.  I’m now reading two books at once “Time to Think” – which I’ve mentioned before and also a book about hypnosis: “My Voice will go with you” – The Teaching tales of Milton Erickson.  OK I do have to admit I fell asleep for an hour which was rather surprising – one moment I was engrossed in it and the next I opened my eyes to find I’d lost a whole hour.  Perhaps I hypnotised myself into slumber!

I’ve also been watching my DVD: An Evening with Richard Bandler, Introduction to NLP –  which I’m now watching for the 2nd time today.

I keep getting deja vu moments as I come across techniques  that I remember Stephen using – and I hope I’m getting a glimmer of understanding as to why!

There have been a few irritating moments of interruption like essential shopping and  other chores! As was the need to go and buy four YES FOUR new tyres for my car!  This car is going to bankrupt me at this rate!!  Just as well I wanted to get back home – I can’t afford to shop for fun!!

I’ve even managed to get my French homework done!  A first this early in the weekend!  And I’ve written more than one paragraph on the subject of the niqab which isn’t exactly an easy topic in any language!  My tutor doesn’t make life easy!!

So today has been a good day. Have a lovely evening everyone!!!

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