I have an idea!

A touch of photography the other day!  Bugs, creepy crawlies and reptiles!

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I just know who I’d like to send these to!! – And by that I mean the live ones!  Especially the tarantula – Oh Yes –  and the cockroach!

I’m sure he’d just love them!  And he so deserves to have them!!

Don’t you think I’m so generous?

10 thoughts on “I have an idea!

    • The camera club arranged for the creatures to be brought along to be photographed! There was also a tortoise and a giant (and I do mean giant) snail!

      It was great fun. I wasn’t too sure about the spider as it kept running around rather alarmingly! I don’t “do” spiders!!

    • I didn’t get close enough to discuss its nature I’m afraid. And the eagle-eyed will notice a certain wobble of focus on the spider!!!

      I think we decided to remain acquaintances rather than firm friends!

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