As I take my first tentative steps towards, hopefully, becoming a life coach I’ve been pondering on what makes a good coach!

Clearly I found Stephen a good coach.  Why?  Up to now I’ve had no idea.  I just did.

This morning as I was reading the next chapter in “Time to Think”  I came across the following:

“The danger with coaching lies in the perceived need for the coach to appear brilliant, to be seen to have all the answers………..

Coaches need to realise that the brilliant person is the client…

Ironically, by bringing out the brilliance in the client, you as coach will be seen as the brilliant one.”

I think that’s why I benefited so much from Stephen’s Coaching – he made me feel I was brilliant!  He is a brilliant coach!

So with that in mind I am, today, about to gather a group of people together at work and test out what I’ve read and the way Stephen coached me.  I am going to gently nudge this group to solving their own issues and concerns of the up coming office move round and to empower them to come up with a positive outcome and agreement from the meeting, rather than rely on me and my staff to solve all their problems!

This will require me to keep my mouth shut more than I’d like, not interrupt and really stand back and let them think their way through this whilst guiding them to do so.

Today is going to be interesting!!

11 thoughts on “Coaching!

  1. The power of listening, is often under rated.
    I wish you luck with this process.
    Along a similar line, when I first had to look at recruiting new people for the department, my boss advised me. “do not be afraid to employ the best you can find, as they will only make you look better”

  2. The meeting was a stunning success – even if the main protagonist opted to take a ‘sudden day’s holiday’ to avoid the meeting. Shame as he is the one who is whingeing the most.

    Anyway I started the meeting with setting a few ground rules – the main one being that on the first two rounds of views no-one was allowed to interrupt anyone else or comment until everyone had had their say.

    So we had a first round on “What do you think are the positives of the move” which each person had to comment on – this was to get everyone to think positively.

    Then we had a round of “What are your concerns” – again with no interruptions or comments allowed. I wrote these up on the white board.

    Then we discussed all the concerns and I got them to come up with suggestions on how they could address them. We then agreed an action plan, including another meeting in 2 months time after we’d done the move and settled in.

    We then concluded with – what positive things will you take away from the meeting.

    Our Managing Director joined the meeting at the end so we could give him our action plan.

    I then thanked everyone for the pro-active and brilliant participation and everyone left smiling and saying how good it had been!!!

    So a good start on my new approach!

  3. Good job. Maybe you have found your calling. Sounds like you had a well-thought-out and very effective session with your co-workers. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how much we can accomplish when we approach with a positive attitude, expecting a positive outcome. Brilliant! (as any good Brit would say.) 🙂

  4. Someone like you deserves this type of opportunity. You’re talented and most importantly, you’re communicative in a manner that people appreciate…how would I know? i’m one of those people…and Darlin’ if you’re able to reach my hard tempered sense and sensibilities, then any woman who knows me knows that i’m not the easiest to dialog with….

    Amazing….challenges yet for you, i think you’re going to be very successful… hmm…you should do a life coaching camp at my place… Free rum punch! I think the world of you and I’m pretty sure you know this…

    you’re humble follower….


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