Why don’t I have……

Why don’t I have one of those brains that’s capable of soaking up information……………….  and then retaining it!

Here I am reading and reading and reading (repetition here in case I forget that’s what I’m doing) so many books in an attempt to understand and remember all this new stuff on NLP, Thinking Environment, Hypnosis, metaphors (why do I now completely not understand metaphors when I thought I did for a large chunk of my adult life), paradigms (which is much better thought of as a pair o’dimes – lovely post Kana) – and anyway for reasons that totally escape me I hate and loathe the word paradigm (perhaps because it’s an in word and appears sprinkled in so many of the “I found myself by dumping my partner”  books I read when Alex first left).

I ‘m doing all this as I’m now enrolled on an Introduction to NLP course in early January followed by a two week intensive course in March (15 days with only one day off!  Gulp!!).

And because I’m thick, old, OK probably rather nervous that everyone else will be brilliant, soak up all the info on the course and understand it all instantly while I struggle along behind.  So I’m trying to steal a march on myself by getting my head round some of it beforehand!

The problem is not much of it seems to be sticking.  I read stuff for the second time and more and it’s as if I’ve never read it before!

And another thing!  Which has got nothing to do with anything much but so many recently singled people I know locally seem to be throwing themselves into study and courses – and so many of them are psychology orientated!

Maybe it’s a right of passage!  A method of understanding the ‘blighter’ who dumped us!!

So we can all turn round in the future and say to our Exs “OK ‘darling’ (sarcasm here)  I now know and understand – and guess what it wasn’t us that were broken – it was you – and  you need to get yourself ‘fixed'”!!

Must go I’ve just found a book by my bed with looks really interesting.  The cover looks very familiar – but I’m sure I’ve not read the contents before…………………………

14 thoughts on “Why don’t I have……

  1. If it’s any help I’m like this all the time, but you’ve got to think about how you want to take notes. Be it mind maps, key points, highlighting or underlining stuff in the books – or a mixture of all of it – at least that way when you have a wobble that you can’t remember things you’ll find something to jump out at you from your notes. I’ll be honest I’ve only really got the hang of note taking this past year. At first I felt I had to write it ALL down, now, with practice I’m able to be more selective. I use a combination of mind maps and bullet point notes. I also collect quotes that I know I’m going to use again. Last year, because there was a lot of new stuff for me on my course I kept a list of definitions, rather than looking stuff up all the time to remind myself.

    Most importantly though, you are doing all this stuff BEFORE the course starts which is fab, but give yourself permission not to feel you have to know it before you actually do it. I’ve had some fab tutors who have an amazing ability to cut through all the crap and help me see things clearly. I wish that for you also. Oh and do you know what – you’re going to be great at this, so put the idea right out of your head that everyone else will know this stuff before they even start the course. Sending you lots of positive vibes…… you’ll be grand. 😉

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m into repetition tonight!!
    I’ve got tab stickers all over the place and I’m back with the pink highlighter pen – and maybe green too!!

    It’s understanding the terminology too which is mind-bending!! Things like Epistemology (which to me sounds like the science of getting drunk!) and “Submodality interventions for changing the structure of mental representations such as beliefs, phobias, etc ” (btw it’s the etc which could be the issue!!!)

  3. I stick this stuff up on my wall on bits of paper, so – SCIENCE OF GETTING DRUNK – EPISTEMOLOGY (that’s so great – I love it). Leave it there and add other bits of paper. After a while you will take some down because you’ve GOT it. This has two bonuses a) it helps you remember and b) it makes you feel bloody good when you take the damn thing off the wall. Of course without wanting to depress you – you will keep adding, but you’ll also be taking some down so it evens out. I also use a programme called MindNode – you can get a free version to try but I’ve used it for a year now and upgraded. I prefer to do mind maps on the computer. If you google it you can try it for free – but to start off with just scribble on bits of paper if this is you’re thing.

    I would say that having returned to study late in life I certainly don’t have the answers to how to study, but I’m more than happy to share what works for me, so feel free to email me if I can help. I’m sure there are other things I can pass on – so I can stick this in an email rather than clogging up your posts. Keep at it ……. you’ve got the bug now! Welcome to the club 😆

  4. Congratulations on your new passion, or bug as Jacqueline called it. I don’t blame you for wanting to be prepared but I don’t imagine they will expect you to know it all on the first day. (I hope you realize my tongue is in my cheek here.) I went back to school as an adult and loved it. Having a new challenge is very exciting. I predict you’ll be a wonderful student. Certainly your enthusiasm is contagious. You go, Girl!

  5. I read “Epistemology (which to me sounds like the science of getting drunk” several times before understanding what you were getting at. Maybe it’s just that we’re all a bit more dense at certain times. Or maybe I needed a drink. And maybe you’re just too wound up right now to be able to retain anything. The best way to learn is to relax. Even make it a game, something to be enjoyed.

  6. What fun to begin your studies. I read about NLP years ago and was newly entranced by Energetic NLP at a conference this past summer.
    btw, I wish I had a “brain” answer for you. I’m just trying to learn Italian one more time and finding it difficult…but not impossible.

  7. Thats a lot f studying. Well done you for this new direction. I often find a nice biscuit helps with studying. Thats a small life tip for you. I bet you’d be excellent as a life coach

  8. I found that pairing up with someone helped me learn stuff, and understand it sometimes…Is there any way you could find yourself an NLP learning buddy?
    I’m also full of admiration for your drive in going wher you want to be. It will work out…

    • Thank you Lady E! At the moment I’m on my own in this! Once the courses start no doubt I’ll find someone to study with (and you never know maybe more!).

      I suppose if I get really baffled I could ask a certain LC!!

  9. You might find that you are actually absorbing much more than you think, Caroline.
    Just relax – no-one will expect you to have total and instant recall. And I’m sure it will all fall into place once you are actually doing the course!

  10. How about a course on how to retain information from books. Sure you can fit in another study program.
    I think once you get on the course, you’ll be amazed about how much you have retained. And once you get to use it and put it in context it will all start clicking in place,

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