I wish I’d paid more attention!


Only now have I realised it!  All those Life Coaching sessions when I paced up and down. Glared at the floor.  Disliked Stephen’s shoes (he does know!). When my mind wandered. When I drove home with a feeling I’d missed some important point.  Or failed to grasp a concept in its entirety!

And now as I take my first tentative steps into learning more I wish I could re-run all those coaching sessions so I could take more notes. See what did and didn’t work for me and then work out why. Watch and learn how the ideas and techniques were presented.

I know I will learn to do these things and I will learn to do them my way. But right now I wish I could have videod all my sessions so I could refer back to them now and objectively see why I resisted some of the coaching and not other parts.  And see how I reacted and why when I had those ‘light bulb’ moments!

I would love to just sit down over a drink and discuss it as a sort of resume of what I went through.    I want to discuss me but from a very objective stance. As though I was discussing someone else. A critique of what I’ve been through!

It’s all very frustrating!  I have a whole stack of fascinating questions (well I think they are!!) and no answers.

My search for answers appears relentless – well at least my questions these days are focused and forward looking!

And yes, dear reader, I know I could contact him and suggest this. But right now I think  know I’m being encouraged to stand on my own two feet.  After all it’s easy to become ‘hooked’ or dependent on the coaching sessions and perhaps he thinks I am in danger of this.

So I’ll bide my time for now!


5 thoughts on “I wish I’d paid more attention!

  1. Mmmm, I can imagine the tempation, especially as learning new stuff reminds you of your journey…Perhaps you can make a note of all of the questions, and ask whenever you get a chance, in the future? Just a thougt…x

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