Adding a little colour

I’ve been arranging for some colour to be added to the workplace.

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The graffiti artist did his stuff last weekend and we added the new furniture this morning!!

Well it’s given the staff something to talk about!



5 thoughts on “Adding a little colour

    • It’s been positive. Most prefer the industrial scene to the water! I can’t show all the water scenes as it would give away where I work! Sorry everyone!

      The seating is still be viewed with ‘suspicion’ – but then they’ve only had one day to get used to it!

  1. THIS IS FANTASTIC. I think it’s wonderful when employers value the importance of the working environment and the impact – both negative and positive – it can have on their employees. What a great idea. I know it is sometimes viewed as a bit of a cliche but art is hugely powerful (and I should know, I used to be married to an artist!). I like the seating, very sculptural. Thanks for sharing this.

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