Reading like I’ve never done before….

A certain internet shopping site (which I’ve mentioned before) is doing a brisk trade with me!

I now have 3 more books to read and 3 more on their way. I’m enjoying the subject matter immensely, though the ones I find hardest to grasp are the true (if that exists) NLP ones – oops now what courses am I going on?……  Oh yes NLP!!  Let’s hope they make more sense than the books!

Anyway for a little light relief I’ve been watching Strictly Come Dancing Final this evening.  Beautiful dances, beautiful music.

And  Harry won – the one I wanted to!!

What a good Saturday evening!

3 thoughts on “Reading like I’ve never done before….

  1. I missed the Strictly final…But good luck with your studying. I have to say that someone lent me a book on NLP and I struggled with it.
    Thanks for the little funny posts this week, I certainly need that kind of cheering 🙂 x

  2. I’m hoping the courses will clear up a lot of my struggle. Either that or I need to nail Stephen and get him to explain! Maybe I do understand but don’t realise it! If you know what I mean!

    I also know there’s more to his life coaching techniques than just pure NLP. So I’m reading books on hypnosis, thinking environment, metaphors, EFT,,,,,,,

    The list grows daily it seems!

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